Year Inducted: 2012

Bernard J. Schmidt was born in 1940 and at the age of 18 began his law enforcement career as a dispatcher for the Bethany Police Department. Schmidt served as a patrol officer and later became the 1st Bethany Police detective before being promoted to Lieutenant and Captain before retiring after 21 years of police service. Schmidt served as a fraud and financial crimes investigator for Liberty Bank before joining the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Special Investigation Unit in 1984. As a deputy his work included serving on the local federal financial asset seizure task force and Oklahoma County multi-jurisdictional drug task force. His investigative work included a number of high profile cases resulting major drug and murder convictions and the forfeiture of drug proceeds. In 1997 Schmidt joined the Oklahoma State Attorney General's staff as an investigator where he investigated crimes presented to the State Multi-County Grand Jury. In 2002 Schmidt joined the Oklahoma County District Attorney's office as an investigator. In 2006 he retired as assistant chief investigator. Schmidt has served over 50 years in Oklahoma law enforcement having worked as a municipal officer, deputy sheriff and state investigator. Throughout his career, Schmidt has maintained a reputation for integrity and professionalism that exemplifies public service. His personal dedication and commitment to investigations has yielded convictions and letters of commendation from victim's families and civic groups.

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