Allan Houser

Allan Houser

Allan Houser, Master Artist (photo courtesy
of the Allan Houser Foundation).

Allan Houser inherited the cultural traditions of his family, his tribe, and his community in Oklahoma. For the rest of his life, he would continue to absorb the world around him, whether it was the landscape of the desert Southwest or the beauty of a mother and child. Allan's ability to give those visions form and emotion would evolve along a parallel path of the journey.

For more than thirty years, Allan's powers of creative expression grew within the world of Indian art schools, initially as a student and eventually as a teacher and mentor to an entire generation of American Indian sculptors. At various stages of this journey, he mastered drawing, painting, stone carving, and sculpting in bronze. He also changed his name to Houser, easier to spell and pronounce in the larger world in front of him.

In 1975 Allan retired from teaching and turned to sculpting full time. At first, he worked in a Santa Fe studio side by side with his son, Bob. Then he worked with son Phillip to create the Allan Houser compound on a serene patch of desert landscape southwest of Santa Fe. There, for the rest of his life, he created an amazing variety of sculptural art unmatched for range of style and sheer force of emotion. His last monumental bronze, Unconquered, was returned to his native state where it stands watch in front of the Oklahoma History Center.

Oklahoma History Center
800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73105