Writing Out Loud, 2005

"Cherryh tantalizes our minds."—Publishers Weekly

C. J. Cherryh

(1942– )

C. J. Cherryh approaches her writing as an anthropologist, creating worlds that are at once fanciful and credible. In what many consider her masterwork, Downbelow Station (1981), warring space stations and vulnerable aliens inspire familiar vices and virtues.

C. J. created yet another universe and ongoing series with her novel Foreigner (1994), described by Publishers Weekly as “serious space opera at its very best.”  But C. J. notes, “I don't plan to neglect where I am either, and I'm keeping a constantly updated list of wonders this planet has to see.”

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Did You Know...

One of C. J. Cherryh's hobbies is ice skating.

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Selected Works

Downbelow Station: The Company Wars, 1981
Cyteen, 1988
Foreigner, 1994

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