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Oklahoma BINGO!

Oklahoma BINGO has been designed for use as an educational aid to teaching Oklahoma history. Created at the Oklahoma Historical Society in 2013, the game incorporates important people, events, and places in Oklahoma history into the long-loved game of BINGO. Teachers, parents or kids can use this game to enhance their knowledge of Oklahoma history in a fun and exciting new way.

To play Oklahoma BINGO:

Print out as many sets of the BINGO cards as needed. There are 5 different cards in the set. The center spot is the state seal and is the same on each card. There are four others that are the same, though not in the same location on each card: Wiley Post, scissor-tailed flycatcher, Banning & Allen, and USS Oklahoma.

Print out the Oklahoma BINGO Labels sheet and cut out each of the names to use as your BINGO “balls” – just draw the name out of a hat, box or anything else you’d like.

As the players are trying to find the name you called, go to the Oklahoma BINGO History packet to read off information about that particular event, person or place. This is a great way to teach people about Oklahoma history while they’re playing the game.

You do not have to use the Oklahoma BINGO History packet to play the game; you can simply call off the names without the history. We do recommend using the history for more learning possibilities!

The first person to get five (5) squares in a row (horizontal, diagonal or vertical) and to call out “BINGO!” will win!

Printable BINGO Cards


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History Packet

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