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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Carvin and Alma Thorsen

Submitted by Dolores (Wilkes) Willoughby-Smith

The Friend School Senior Class of 1955, near Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma, wanted to recognize a special couple, Carvin and Alma Thorsen, who served as our "Class Ma and Pa" during our high school years, and whose home was always open to us. The 1955 Senior Class members were Charles Stephens, Don Hightower, A.C.(Lonnie) Hayes, Bill Hurst, Annette Thorsen, Lorene Beasley, and Dolores Wilkes. We were a small and close class and Mr. and Mrs. Thorsen took us on field trips, attended our ballgames, plays, all other activities, and went with us as chaperones on out-of-state trips during our Junior and Senior years. We miss them both very much, and this was our way of honoring their memory.

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