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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Ed Calhoon, MD of Beaver, OK

Submitted by Lane Calhoon Dolly

Clan Colquhoun is a Highland Scottish clan featuring many spellings. Rev. Alexander Colhoun (1662-1716) is the common Irish ancestor between Dr. Ed Latta Calhoon and the famous statesman, John C. Calhoun. In the 18th C, several of Alexander Colhoun's children came to VA from Ireland. Dr. Calhoon's great grandfather, Jacob Calhoun, a Civil War veteran, was the 4th generation born in VA. He bought land in MO following the war. After the land runs and before 1907, four of his children were part of a community migrating from MO to homestead in Ellis Co, OK. In 1813, Walter Calhoon married Wina Rae Latta. They moved to a dugout south of Beaver, OK to homestead. Their son, Ed Calhoon, aimed for medicine and practiced over 50 years in Beaver.

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