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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Merle and Patsy McDowell

Submitted by Patsy L. McDowell

Merle was born April 19, 1935, to Murvil and Mary McDowell of Dover, OK. He had a sister, Mary Ellen (McDowell) Jones, and brother Eugene. Merle passed away March 28, 1999. Patsy was born Sept. 19, 1939 to Ernest and Edith Edsall on the homestead NW of Watonga. She had 6 sisters, Nona Mae (Edsall) Brandt, Elmira (Edsall) Scheffler, Bonnie (Edsall) Bode, LaDonna (Edsall) Bond and Greta (Edsall) Wright. She had two brothers, Ernest and Earl. They had two children, Pamela (McDowell) Ramirez of Cashion, OK, and Mark McDowell of Bethany, OK. Pamela married Rodolfo Ramirez they have three children, Abigail, Diego and Isabella. Mark has a son Michael. The family lived in Bethany, OK.

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