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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Kayland Z. Bradford (separate brick for Wilber D. Bradford)

Submitted by Kayland Z. Bradford

My brother Wilber and I both were born in Caddo County, OK, near Anadarko. We both graduated from Anadarko High School in 1950 and, after serving in the US Army, graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1958. My degree was in engineering physics, and his in accounting. He went on live in Dallas, becoming a CPA and owning his own business. I went to work in the aerospace industry, primarily in space programs, earning a master's degree in physics from the University of Southern California. I was involved with the payloads we flew on satellites, and the Viking program that put two landers on Mars in 1976. Wilber died in 2000. I currently (2012) live in Denton, Texas, after many years in Southern California and Denver, CO.

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