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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Burrows PLBG

Submitted by Lonnie Lance Canfield

Lon Burrows received his Master Plumbing Certificate in Oklahoma City on May 11th, 1936. Mr. Burrows opened Burrows Plumbing on July 1st, 1936. He plumbed many houses in the Oklahoma City and Nichols Hills area ,Lon played a major role in writing the Plumbing Code of 1955. Upon retiring, Lon sold his business to his son-in-law, Roy Lee Canfield. Lon's grandsons worked with their father, Roy. On July 2nd 1974 Burrows Plumbing became Inc. His Grandson, Lonnie, bought the business from his Father, Roy Canfield, on July 1st 1990. Burrows Plumbing is still family owned and operated by his Grandson, Lonnie, and is serving the greater Oklahoma City and Nichols Hills area.

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