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Monogrammed Brick Stories

John and Hannah Bowden Stubbs

Submitted by Orvella Stubbs

John and Hannah Bowden Stubbs came to Guthrie, Oklahoma, from Chickasaw County Mississippi in 1890. They brought their sons, Pinkney Leroy and Franklin Stubbs, with them as well as Hannah's sister, Adeline Brown Herrington, her husband, Devereaux, and their two sons, Robert and Wesley. The Herrington lived in Guthrie their entire life and are all buried in Summit View Cemetery. Hannah is buried at Robinson Chapel Cemetery. It is unknown where Hannahs' husband John Stubbs is buried. Hannah and John purchased acreage in 1891 located at the corner of Westminister and Simmons in Logan County. My sisters and I still own that land. Pinkney Stubbs and Pearle Hawkins Stubbs had five children. I am their son Johns' and Lenora Dollarhide Stubbs child.

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