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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Barbara Revard Rapp

Submitted by John Rapp

Barbara Revard was born in 1886 on the Osage Reservation in Indian Territory. The Revards were a French-Canadian family of fur traders who were long associated with the Osage tribe. Barbara's great grandfather, "Joseph Revoir", was killed by Cherokees in 1822 at his trading post at Salina.

Barbara's father, Joseph Revard, rushed to California for gold and farmed in Oregon. When the Osage gave up their Kansas lands and moved to Oklahoma, Joseph brought his family to the new reservation.

Barbara Revard and her husband, Homer Rapp, had four children. As an allottee of the Osage tribe she received a farm near Fairfax. The couple farmed Barbara's allotment for some years. Barbara died in Oklahoma City in 1950.

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