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Monogrammed Brick Stories

A.E. & Maud George Family, Osage and Kay Counties

Submitted by Burnis George Argo

In 1900 my paternal grandfather, Absalom E. George, a young Quaker man, left NE Kansas for the Osage where he was sent by an employer to be foreman of a ranch until a new foreman was found. He liked the country there so well he stayed on and when he went back to Kansas and married Maud Farrar. In December of 1905, he brought his new bride to land he had rented on Little Beaver Creek in the Osage. In 1909, the family moved across the Arkansas River to Kay County and the little town of Kaw City where they bought a farm just outside of town along the river. This brick honors them and their son, Preston George, my father, and his brother, Elvin, who died at age 3.

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