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Monogrammed Brick Stories

John L & Gladys Pfalser

Submitted by Ivan L. Pfalser

John Lewis Pfalser was born 7 Aug 1897, near Wakita, OK, to John and Edith Viola Pfalser. At the age of about 14 yrs. he quit school and started working for local farmers for a little cash and room or board. He met and married Gladys Evelyn Murry on 6 Jun 1921, the daughter of Perry Oliver and Hattie Lee Murry. On 11 Jul 1930, a son, Ivan Lewis Pfalser, was born. In 1945 they moved to Freeport, KS. John was a farmer his entire life. He died on 22 May 1980. Gladys was born 29 Jun 1903 in Ladue MO and died 7 Apr 1987. Both are interred in the Anthony, KS, Forest Park Cemetery.

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