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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Charley Lee and Mary Etta Rudd

Submitted by Marie Wren (Granddaughter)

Charley Lee Rudd and his family arrived in I.T. in 1893 after "starving out" on their homesteads in S/E Colorado. They stopped near Marsden in Pickens County to recoup. Just a year later, Mary Metts and her family came to the same area from Streeter, Tx. In the fall of 1895, the two young people married and lived in a tiny log cabin on Hickory Creek. Eventually they moved to Overbrook and the Criner Mt. They had 8 children. Charley farmed cotton and corn and raised cattle. They rented land from the Daubes for 25 years. That is now the Dolese Rock plant. In 1936 they moved to Prairie Valley and lived there until Charley passed away in 1945. Then Mary lived with one of her daughters until her death at the age of 92.

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