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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Alonzo Jasper Berryman and Amanda Jane Berryman (2 bricks)

Submitted by Carl Berryman

They were in Old Greer 1886-1895. AJ was 2nd teacher and trustee at Station Creek and teacher and Buckhorn School N of Jester, road overseer, surveyor, justice of the peace and as notary administered oath of office to elected officials. He sold Singer Sewing Machines that he travelled to Dallas to buy. Both owned cattle and horses and had registered brands. They lived in half-dugouts with their 6 children. AJ's brother was a county judge in Old Greer. AJ found error in a math book; made NY Times. They came to Old Greer from Tennessee by way of Texas. They left here because they could not get title to their land and were told to pay more taxes.

Though they left the state, they were very involved in the development of this new Oklahoma frontier

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