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Monogrammed Brick Stories

G Wray Family - A Adams Family

Submitted by Dorothy Wray

In honor of our direct ancestors who lived in Oklahoma on or before Statehood Day
Paternal line:
Guy G. Wray - Roger Mills County, homestead 1905

Maternal line:
Alfred G. and Laura Felton Adams - Pottawatomie County, 1903
Robert Lee Adams - Pottawatomie County, 1903
Sterling Price McCall - Pottawatomie County, 1904
Maude McCall - Pottawatomie County, 1904
Eliza R. Dryden Couch - Texas County, homestead 1907
Rebecca C. Burford Dryden - Lincoln County, 1900 census

By Ken, Dorothy, and Andrew Wray

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