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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Harry and Doris Wilson

Submitted by Harry and Doris Wilson

We want to recognize my grandfather, John Rowe, who was in the run of '89 staking a claim for a quarter section near Pond Creek. He built a small cabin but left a board loose in the back so he could fight off claim jumpers. Sure enough they came and hollered for him to come out. He went out through the loose board, went around to the front of his cabin and told them to get off his land. They refused and he shot the heel off one of their boots and they left. A few years later he died of Crones disease and his young wife, Maria, moved to Muskogee County, near Haskell where she raise the Rowe's three children. One of them is my mother, Laura Rowe Wilson, who lived out her life in Tulsa where I was born.

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