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Creek Census of Enrollment of Shawnees in Okmulgee District, Document 24941: Undated Census  Microfilm CRN 1
Oklahoma Historical Society
Sac and Fox and Shawnee Agency Per Capita Payment Roll: Undated and 1853-1887 Census 
(Payment Census)
Microfilm SFSA 54
Oklahoma Historical Society
Kiowa Agency Census - Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache, Wichita and Affiliated Bands, and Shawnee: Nov. 30, 1869 Census  Microfilm KA 1
Oklahoma Historical Society
Sac and Fox and Shawnee Agency Per Capita Payment Roll: 1888-1899 Census 
(Payment Census)
Microfilm SFSA 55
Oklahoma Historical Society
Shawnee Census: 1896 Census 
(Payment Census)
Microfilm 7RA26
National Archives
Payment Census
Sac and Fox and Shawnee Agency Per Capita Payment Roll: 1899-1906 Census 
(Payment Census)
Microfilm SFSA 56
Oklahoma Historical Society
Sac and Fox and Shawnee Agency Per Capita Payment Roll: 1906-1916 Census 
(Payment Census)
Microfilm SFSA 57
Oklahoma Historical Society
Census of Big Jim Shawnees and School Census: 1917 Census  Microfilm SFSA 3
Oklahoma Historical Society
Seceded Shawnees who became Cherokees and Creeks: 1933 Census  Microfilm Absentee Shawnee Family Register
Oklahoma Historical Society
Cherokee-Shawnee Payment Roll as of Aug. 20, 1964 Census 
(Payment Census)
Microfilm Book
E99 .C5 U56 1966

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About this Database

The records included on the American Indian Census list can be viewed on microfilm in the Oklahoma Historical Society Research Center. This list contains records pertaining to censuses, citizenship cases, emigration lists, per capita/annuity payments, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and school/pupil enrollment.

These records are not limited to tribes in Oklahoma. The National Archives microfilm collection also holds census records for tribes in other regions, such as the Spokane Agency, Washington, located in the Northwest Region.

Tribes are listed under their present-day federally recognized name. Indian agencies, however, are listed as they were shown on the original records.

*Please note that list was compiled to help researchers locate records. At this time, these materials are only available on microfilm. Due to limited staff, we are unable to search for specific names in these records. Researchers are welcome to visit the Research Center and view these materials free of charge. Some records have been indexed and can be searched by name on the American Indian Archives Card Index.

School Lists

When exploring this list, researchers may find school records listed within multiple agencies. In general, school records kept by a specific agency will pertain to students from that agency. For example, records of the Carlisle Indian School (operated in Carlisle, Pennsylvania) can be found in the records of the Kiowa Agency, Pawnee Agency, Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, and Sac and Fox and Shawnee Agency. Each of these agencies kept records and letters of enrolled pupils from their tribe who attended the Carlisle Indian School.