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NameAgeSexBlood Roll No.TribeCard No.
Sandy Locust 31MFull27211Cherokee by Blood Search card 881
Sallie Tail 18FFull20389Cherokee by Blood Search card 8827
    Note: Duplicate enrollment on Cherokee by Blood Card #8525 (canceled); See Cherokee by Blood Minor Card #3784
Sallie Cochran 7FFull2412Cherokee by Blood Search card 883
Sam Fields 35MFull20396Cherokee by Blood Search card 8832
Sarah Oo-yu-sut-tah 50FFull20399Cherokee by Blood Search card 8834
Sallie Mink 49FFull20406Cherokee by Blood Search card 8838
Sarah Dollar 20FFull20423Cherokee by Blood Search card 8842
Samuel Foreman 29MFull20439Cherokee by Blood Search card 8848
Sakie Humanstriker 42FFull20451Cherokee by Blood Search card 8852
Sallie Deerinwater 14FFull20463Cherokee by Blood Search card 8855
Sallie Eli 6FFull20484Cherokee by Blood Search card 8866
Satarni Duck 5FFull20493Cherokee by Blood Search card 8868
Sam Cochran 17MFull20497Cherokee by Blood Search card 8869
    Note: Date of death: about 1902
Sam Yaholah 1MFull20523Cherokee by Blood Search card 8885
Sallie Thornton 50FFull20533Cherokee by Blood Search card 8893
Sallie Daniels 80FFull20541Cherokee by Blood Search card 8896
Samuel Beaver 9MFull20550Cherokee by Blood Search card 8901
    Note: Half Creek; Son of Lucy Beaver listed on Cherokee by Blood Card #9963
Sam Redbird 2MFull28482Cherokee by Blood Search card 8909
Sam Blackfox 37MFull20574Cherokee by Blood Search card 8912
Sallie Blackfox 11FFull20578Cherokee by Blood Search card 8912
Sahnahna Mouse 23MFull20587Cherokee by Blood Search card 8919
Sallie Doublehead 1FFull30623Cherokee by Blood Search card 8921
Sarah Wofford 4FFull28486Cherokee by Blood Search card 8924
Sam Key 28MFull20636Cherokee by Blood Search card 8947
    Note: See Cherokee by Blood Minor Card #3361
Sarah Ratlingourd 20F3/420664Cherokee by Blood Search card 8958
Samuel E. Adair 31M3/42432Cherokee by Blood Search card 896
    Note: In custody of Mary and Zakrona Feather, Cherokee Card #D65 and on Cherokee by Blood Card #9877
Sallie Fodder 48FFull25886Cherokee by Blood Search card 8962
    Note: Date of death: about June 1903
Sallie Hilderbrand 55FFull28494Cherokee by Blood Search card 8967
Sarah McCoy 22FFull20713Cherokee by Blood Search card 8998
Sallie Ballou 22FFull20717Cherokee by Blood Search card 9003
Sam Ballou 32M3/420719Cherokee by Blood Search card 9006
Sarah Sequoyah 16FFull20724Cherokee by Blood Search card 9007
    Note: Married to Johnson Keener listed on Cherokee by Blood card #7817
Sallie Downing 44FFull20765Cherokee by Blood Search card 9032
Sallie Turtle 30FFull20788Cherokee by Blood Search card 9047
Sarah Jackson 23FFull32067Cherokee by Blood Search card 9058
    Note: See Cherokee by Blood Minor Card #3718
Sagie Spade 15FFull20807Cherokee by Blood Search card 9062
    Note: Duplicate enrollment on Cherokee by Blood Card #8969 (canceled); Marriage to Joe Blackfox (Cherokee by Blood Card #8912) in Feb. 1905
Sarah Spade 7FFull20811Cherokee by Blood Search card 9062
    Note: Duplicate enrollment on Cherokee by Blood Card #8969 (canceled)
Sallie Robins 14FFull20824Cherokee by Blood Search card 9071
Sam Fields 40MFull29112Cherokee by Blood Search card 9080
Sallie Mose 13FFull20857Cherokee by Blood Search card 9094
Sallie Flute 13F7/820868Cherokee by Blood Search card 9102
    Note: Date of death: July 1, 1904
Sallie Feather 30FFull20896Cherokee by Blood Search card 9117
    Note: Duplicate enrollment on Cherokee by Blood Card #8978 (canceled)
Samuel Choate 14M1/420907Cherokee by Blood Search card 9127
Sah-ne Soap 1MFull20938Cherokee by Blood Search card 9149
    Note: Duplicate enrollment on Cherokee by Blood Card #3982 (canceled)
Sallie Tail 3F7/820967Cherokee by Blood Search card 9167
Sallie J. Sanders 35F1/22497Cherokee by Blood Search card 917
Sarah Coldweather 13FFull20972Cherokee by Blood Search card 9170
    Note: Duplicate enrollment on Cherokee by Blood Card #9294; This card canceled
Sallie Oolahnahsteski 13FFull29976Cherokee by Blood Search card 9185
Sallie Dick 23FFull25950Cherokee by Blood Search card 9192
Sallie Arch 7FFull32646Cherokee by Blood Search card 9199

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About this Database

This database lists individuals who applied for the Dawes Rolls and membership in the Five Tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), and Seminole. Commonly known as the Dawes Rolls, the official title of this record group is "Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory." Enrollment for the Dawes Rolls began in 1898 and closed in 1907; a few individuals were added to the rolls 1914.

I have found my ancestor in the database. What now?

Once you have located your ancestor on the roll, look up their census card and enrollment packet. You can do this at the Research Center or use subscription websites (such as Fold3.com and Ancestry.com). You may also order a copy of a packet from the Research Center. Order online | Order by mail

About the Dawes Rolls

Commonly known as the Dawes Rolls, the official title of this record group is "Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory."

Census Cards

Census cards list the enrollee's name, age, sex, blood quantum, tribe, place of residence, and roll number. In general, the age shown on the census card is the age of the individual around 1902. Members of the same household are typically listed on the same card. Those listed as "newborns" and "minors" were born after enrollment began in 1898 but before March of 1907, and are listed on a separate card. Census cards may also reference earlier rolls.

Blood Quantum, Freedmen, Intermarriage, and Adopted Citizens

Tribal associations are listed as "by Blood," "Intermarriage," or "Freedmen." Intermarriage means the person was married to a citizen of the tribe. You may also see "IW" for intermarried white, or "A" for adopted. Freedmen are individuals who were formerly enslaved by one the Five Tribes. The term is also used to describe their descendants. Although there was intermarriage between Blacks and Indians, the Dawes Commission enrolled people of mixed heritage as Freedmen, and indicated no blood relation to the tribe.
Learn about more Freedmen history.

Mississippi Choctaw include individuals who did not remove to Indian Territory with the rest of their tribe in the 1830s. Mississippi Choctaw who were deemed eligible for the roll were listed as "identified." To be admitted to the rolls, these individuals were ultimately required to remove to Indian Territory.
Learn more about Mississippi Choctaw records.

Delaware enrollees may be listed on Delaware cards or as an "Adopted Delaware" on Cherokee by Blood cards.
Learn more about Delaware Cherokee records.

Enrollment and Allotment Packets

Enrollment packets provide details about the individual and their family, including marriage, birth, and death information. They may include transcripts of interviews with family members or neighbors and correspondence regarding the enrollment.

Allotment packets contain information about the individual's land allotment, plat maps, correspondence, and other documents. Enrollment and allotment packets vary in length from a single page to more than 100 pages. Please note that while Creek application packets are not available, you may still order allotment packets.

Maps of Tribal Nation Land

These maps depict tribal nation boundaries, districts, township/range survey lines, and present-day county lines. Click on the icons below to view a larger map in PDF format.

Help and Research Tips

What information do I need before I search?

You will need to trace your way back to a direct ancestor who was living in Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) during the enrollment period, 1898–1906. If the individual was a married woman, you should look for her under her married name.

I cannot locate my ancestor in the index. What should I do now?

Look for your ancestor on the 1900 US census. If your ancestor did not live in Indian Territory it is extremely unlikely they will be on the rolls. If they were living in Indian Territory check the available lists for rejected Dawes applications. Consider the possibility your ancestor belonged to another tribe, preferred not enroll, or was unable to enroll.

For further information about tribal citizenship, please contact the tribe directly.