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John SmithMolozo Joranther
John SmithAh way 6 Sep 1916 Apache Oklahoma
John SmithMary Love 9 Oct 1893 Talihina Indian Territory
John SmithDena Lodd 4 Nov 1897 South McAlester Indian Territory
John SmithBissie Parrish 7 Feb 1904 Krebs Indian Territory
John SmithHattie Mathews 15 Aug 1905 Dow Indian Territory
John SmithBammie Hamilton 22 Jun 1906 Citra Indian Territory
John SmithBertha Davis 21 Jan 1948
John SmithAlice Pompey 9 Aug 1916
John SmithEva Torris 4 Feb 1920
John SmithRosie Isley 24 July 1929
John SmithClemmie Taylor 29 Mar 1933
John A SmithIvanette Childress 19 May 1929
John A. SmithReva Anderson 30 Dec 1926
John B. SmithDorotha Ladell Complain 19 Mar 1945
John C. SmithRuth Caldwell 28 Jan 1946
John Craig SmithNannette Rowland 23 Sept 1918
John D SmithEliza Fields
John D. SmithGeraldine Benedict 25 Mar 1950
John D. SmithLeon A. Dines 29 June 1928
John E SmithEmma Hickwood 31 Jan 1895 Beard Indian Territory
John E. SmithMildred Rumco 15 Oct 1943
John E. SmithMaggie Lunney 18 July 1894
John E. SmithBessie B. Hanna 8 June 1936
John Earl SmithMinnie Mae Stevens 12 Feb 1949
John Ed SmithWillie Carter 28 July 1917
John Edward SmithVirginia Bonnie Graybeal 24 Dec 1924
John F SmithMary Josie Cook 30 Mar 1890
John F. SmithFlorence Garriott 8 Jun 1948
John Franklin SmithJeanne Lucile Rollins 18 July 1936
John G. SmithLucille Lamb 18 Aug 1930
John Gordon SmithMildred Elizabeth Gillette 11 Apr 1938
John H SmithFanny Clark 12 Dec 1897 Calvin Indian Territory
John H SmithRosa Dickerson 31 Oct 1899 Alderson Indian Territory
John Henry SmithEvelyn Sundquist 24 Dec 1921
John J SmithSarah Welsch 12 Jul 1871
John J SmithCatherine Hesley 1 Mar 1890
John J. SmithMary Shaw 14 Nov 1936
John L. SmithMary Louise Porter 20 May 1950
John Leslie SmithVirginia Elizabeth Miles 10 Nov 1939
John M SmithP Master 30 Nov 1867
John M SmithE Martin 30 Nov 1869
John Malcolm SmithMargaret Barber 20 July 1948
John R. SmithAlma Lou Harp 3 Jun 1943
John R. SmithNora Smith 17 Mar 1913
John Romig SmithCherry Alene Judkins 27 Dec 1950
John T. SmithPeggy C. Geisendorf 6 Sept 1942
John T. SmithMinnie Smith 16 Mar 1909
John T. SmithCleotel Ellis 17 Mar 1944
John T. SmithAlta Dennis 2 May 1918

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The Research Center offers a $15 express order for marriage records in this database. To order copies of a listing by mail, use the printable order form and include the information provided in the index. To order by phone call 405-522-5225 and please have your credit card ready. Please note the OHS has no further information for Grant County marriages—all data is included in the index.

About This Database

Oklahoma County marriages, 1889–1951

This microfilm was created by the LDS Church from the original marriage records housed at the Oklahoma County courthouse in Oklahoma City. The index includes brides and grooms who applied for a marriage license in Oklahoma County. All 175 volumes have been indexed; these date from 1889–1951.

Each record contains various information, as marriage records changed over the years. Marriage records consist of three parts: 1, the "Affidavit on Application for a Marriage License," 2, the marriage license, and 3, the certificate of marriage. Most records include the name of the bride and groom, ages, and the ceremony date; some include the birthplace. Records that include a permission document list the parents of one or both parties. Later records include an address. Although these records are from Oklahoma County, they include brides and grooms from across the state and country.

Western District Federal Court Records Collection marriage licenses, 1903–07

These microfilmed records include original marriage licenses, affidavits for marriage, certificates of marriage, letters of permission, and other items pertaining to marriage licenses. The records date from 1903 to 1907. There are 993 records listed in this database. The originals can be found in the Western District Federal Court Records Collection [98.34] boxes 1 and 2.

Indian Archives Collection, marriages 1841–1927

These records are from various Indian agencies such as Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Kiowa, Quapaw, Sac and Fox-Shawnee, and Pawnee. Although the marriages were documented in Indian agency records, the majority are for non-Indians living in the area.

Grant County marriages, 1895–1929

This index includes marriages in Grant County, as well as marriages in Garfield County of individuals who listed residence in Grant County. Thank you to Karen Wise for sharing this information with the Oklahoma Historical Society.