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SHPO's Citation of Merit Process and Criteria


  1. The Oklahoma Historical Society shall annually solicit nominations for the State Historic Preservation Officer's Citation of Merit. The solicitation shall be announced each October in a statewide press release, an article in Mistletoe Leaves and Preservation Oklahoma News, and in other publications and media as may be appropriate. Deadline for submission of nominations shall be the first Friday in December, and the nomination form shall be available in hard copy or electronic format. Nominations will be accepted by regular mail or by e-mail.
  2. In consultation with a selection committee, the State Historic Preservation Officer shall recommend the list of Citation of Merit recipients to the Oklahoma Historical Society Board of Directors' Historic Preservation Committee each January.
  3. The Board of Directors shall act on the Committee's recommendation at their January meeting and instruct that the recipients be informed of the recognition. No cash award is provided. The certificates denoting the Citation of Merit shall be available for presentation at the Society's annual historic preservation conference.
  4. The Director of the State Historic Preservation Office shall notify the recipients in writing of their selection and time and place of the presentation ceremony.
  5. At the Oklahoma Historical Society's annual preservation conference, the State Historic Preservation Officer shall present the certificates.
  6. The State Historic Preservation Officer shall announce the recipients in all appropriate media sources. An article shall also be published in Mistletoe Leaves and Preservation Oklahoma News.


  1. The State Historic Preservation Officer's Citation of Merit is given for outstanding accomplishments in historic preservation. The award recognizes exemplary efforts on the part of an individual, organization, corporation, or government entity in the furtherance of historic preservation at the local, state, or national level. The acts or deeds for which the citation is awarded must be complete by the time of nomination.
  2. Recipients of the Citation of Merit must have made their contributions to historic preservation in Oklahoma. (Oklahoma Historical Society employees and officials are not eligible for the citation.)
  3. There shall be no limit on the number of times a recipient can be awarded the citation.
  4. The recipient need not be living at the time of selection.
  5. The citation may be presented for accomplishments in any of the following categories: Archeological Site Preservation, Preservation Leadership, Preservation Planning, Publication(s), Public Programming, Research (including field survey activities), and Restoration/Rehabilitation. There shall be no limit on the number of recipients in any category.