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Hunter’s Home Volunteer Program

Site Attendant

Tasks and responsibilities: Greet visitors at the front door of the home, provide a short introduction of the home’s history, and answer basic questions. Volunteers will operate the gift shop cash register. Follow procedures for opening and closing the home. A docent manual with history and procedures will be provided to the volunteer.

Expectations regarding number of hours and times: As needed during regular hours of operation (Tuesday–Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Attendants are generally asked to commit to at least twenty-four hours of volunteering within a year after completing training.

Qualifications: Must complete a four-hour docent training provided by the site. Must have good communication skills and be friendly to the public. Must be able to climb stairs.

Position benefits: Increase your knowledge of Oklahoma and Cherokee history. Be a part of your community and share your enthusiasm. Gain professional development experience in the fields of education and history. Meet new people and interact with the public.

House Cleaning

Tasks and responsibilities: Vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and other cleaning as needed inside the home and on porches. Will require cleaning of museum pieces using specific methods.

Expectations regarding number of hours and times: 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., Tuesday–Saturday, or other times as assigned.

Qualifications: Must follow Historical Society guidelines regarding handling of artifacts. Attention to detail a plus. Must be able to climb stairs and lift up to twenty pounds; may require using chemicals.

Position benefits: An opportunity to help physically preserve museum collections for future generations. See historical artifacts up close and help with their conservation.

Collections Registrar

Tasks and responsibilities: Enter information about museum artifacts into a computer-based collections management system. Volunteers may be asked to handle artifacts and assist in numbering them.

Expectations regarding number of hours and times: Work may be done in the office any time during office hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday–Saturday. After learning the computer program, volunteers will be expected to complete fifteen hours of volunteer work in the span of approximately three months.

Qualifications: Must be able to learn to use PastPerfect computer program. Must follow Historical Society guidelines regarding handling of artifacts. Attention to detail is a plus. Handling artifacts may require some bending down and/or lifting objects up to ten pounds.

Position benefits: See immediate results as you help preserve the history of the Hunter’s Home and its collections. The information you input will be a permanent record that will be used in research for decades to come. Flexible hours. Gain experience with computers.

Living History Demonstrator

Tasks and responsibilities: Demonstrate mid-nineteenth-century skills or activities to the public and school children at various museum events. Demonstrations are often held outdoors.

Expectations regarding number of hours and times: Various days and times, Tuesday–Saturday (contact volunteer coordinator for schedule). Demonstrators will be asked to stay for the entire duration of the event.

Qualifications: Demonstrations must reflect life on a mid-ninteenth-century Cherokee plantation, unless the theme of the event specifies otherwise. Demonstrators will usually be asked to dress in historically-correct clothing, which may or may not be provided by the Historical Society. Must use good communication skills. Must be friendly to the public and be willing to answer questions from the public in a professional manner.

Position benefits: Network as you meet new people and participate in large events. Share knowledge and experience with the public. Reimbursement of expenses is available in some cases. Free admission to events.

Event Volunteer

Tasks and responsibilities: Help with odd jobs during special events, including the Lawn Social, Ghost Stories, Christmas Open House, special programs, and/or other museum events. Tasks may include greeting visitors, serving refreshments, handing out information, directing guests to programs, assisting living history demonstrators, etc. You may or may not be asked to dress in period attire, depending on the job.

Expectations regarding number of hours and times: Various. Ask volunteer coordinator for dates and times for certain events.

Qualifications: Must be able to greet visitors in a professional manner, and have a smile on your face! The bility to climb stairs is a plus.

Position benefits: Free admission to events. Meet new people and network in the community. Help the museum provide quality events and programs for the public.

Office Administrative Assistant

Tasks and responsibilities: Assist staff in clerical and filing work in the museum office. Tasks may include copying, filing, stocking, and inventorying the gift shop. May also assist in event or exhibit preparation.

Expectations regarding number of hours and times: Two or three hours per day on Tuesday–Thursday or Wednesday–Friday mornings is preferred. (Afternoon or Saturday times may be available. Ask staff for details.)

Qualifications: Must be able to operate a copy machine, be familiar with computers, and be able to type. Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and internet searches is a plus. Attention to detail and ability to communicate professionally (verbally and in writing) a must.

Position benefits: Gain professional experience in clerical work and the functioning of museums. See the inner-workings of museum programs. Assist with providing quality experiences for museum visitors.

Outdoor Maintenance Assistant

Tasks and responsibilities: Work under the supervision of the site maintenance technician doing yardwork, painting, and other odd jobs on the grounds of the historic site.

Expectations regarding number of hours and times: Work must be from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., Monday–Friday. The number of hours is flexible.

Qualifications: Must be able to walk around the site, lift up to twenty pounds, and be reasonably tolerant to hot/cold weather. Must wear clothing appropriate for weather.

Position benefits: Work in the outdoors in a beautiful landscape, help preserve the plantation historic site, and beautify it for the visitors.

Contact Information

Jennifer Frazee
Hunter’s Home
19479 East Murrell Home Road
Park Hill, OK 74451