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The Oklahoma History Legacy Circle

The Oklahoma History Legacy Circle recognizes donors, both living and deceased, who have made contributions to an OHS endowment fund. Because endowment donations provide perpetual income to the OHS, membership in the Legacy Circle also is perpetual. A minimum endowment contribution in the amount of $1,000 qualifies a donor to be a Legacy Circle member.

Oklahoma History Legacy Circle members are listed below.

Guardians $500,000 and above

The Kirkpatrick Family Fund

Protectors of the Past $150,000–499,999

Emily Bell
Nazih and Annette Zuhdi

Keepers of History $50,000–149,999

Nell Stapler Bradshaw
Ralph DuBois
Great Grand Children of the Cross S Ranch
John E. Kirkpatrick Community Fund
Herman and LaDonna Meinders
Elizabeth Niblack Melton
Western Trail Historical Society

Time Travelers $10,000–49,999

The 1889ers Society
Berlin B. Chapman
Jack T. and Gillette Conn
Marguerite S. Fitzwilliam
George W. and Valeria G. Howard
The Kirkpatrick Foundation
John E. and Eleanor B. Kirkpatrick
Barbara Thompson
James R. Waldo
Pendleton and Robin Woods
Catherine B. Wootten

Enduring Circle $1,000–9,999

Admiral’s Donor Advised Fund
William H. Anderson
Jack D. Baker
Robert A. Bish
Bob and Debbie Blackburn
Louise Blackburn
Beverly K. Blum
Mary Brett
Roy V. Bynum
John B. and Betty Jo Carmichael
Peter David Casper
Joanna M. Champlin
Norvell Clarke
Tiajuana M. Cochnauer
Bryan A. Crain
Sam D’Amico
Nina Davis
Derald C. and Jan Fendley
Rosa Flipse
Billie Fogarty
William B. French
Aulena Gibson
Katheryn A. Hewitt
Nadine Holloway
Damon Johnson
Johnson Family Foundation
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Robert L. Klemme
Ladies Music Club
Daniel W. Lawrence
Carolyn Leonard
Harrison Levy
Duke R. Ligon
Leonard M. Logan
Gerald Luton
Thomas and Virginia Lynn
Laura Wyly Matthews
Paul and Rita Matthews
Ann M. Maxwell
Ruth Eager Moran
Anne Morgan
Foster E. Murphy
Max J. Nichols
Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Oklahoma Hospitality Club
Frank Parman and Sarah Iselin
Carol R. Paulson
Martha Pennington
Wayne Pettigrew
Noreen Pramberg
Redbud Women’s Club
Louise E. Reynolds
Gordon Richards
Richard James Family Foundation
Fred P. Schonwald
Cindy S. Schuering
Regina A. Southern
Rose Stauber
Donal S. Stidham
Emmy Scott Stidham
Gary L. Stidham
Joe J. and June Stone
Barbara Thompson
George D. and Nona F. Thompson
Bill and Billie Thrash
G. Maureen Williams
Catherine B. Wootten
Marie Wren
Muriel H. Wright
Stanton L. Young
Timothy A. and Ann Zwink