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"A well written, fun read that will make you understand why Harris is being included with the likes of Willa Cather and Larry McMurtry."—Tulsa World

Fred R. Harris

(1930– )

Former U.S. senator and presidential candidate, Fred R. Harris began his writing career by focusing on books such as The New Populism (1973) that reflected his political philosophy and concerns. It wasn’t until several years later, under the tutelage of Tony Hillerman, that he published Coyote Revenge (1999), the first of two Depression-era mystery novels featuring Sheriff Okie Dunn.

Fred has also written extensively about his own life, most recently in Does People Do It? (2008). The memoir chronicles his growing up years in Oklahoma, as well as his tenure in Washington.

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Did You Know...

Fred R. Harris was on the short list to be Hubert Humphrey's running mate in the 1968 Presidential election.

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Selected Works

Coyote Revenge, 1999
Following the Harvest, 2004
Does People Do It?, 2008

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