The Century Chest Collection

Carver's Chiropractic Analysis, 1909

(Transcribed from the original)

This book is to be placed inside the glass receptacle in which reposes the skeleton of Dr. Willard Carver. With appropriate notice and history appended thereto
By order of Committee of
Carver Chiropractic College

Since this book has been in use more than four years other errors have been found in spelling, punctuation, and occasional disharmony in language, which will be immediately offendent  to the enlightened mind of you that are reading it.

Class of 1913
Calvin A. Beard
S.J. Endicott
H. P. Bryce 1420 W. 8 St.
P. F.Hanlin 516 N. Shartel
F. T. Dodd Ft Robonson     
L .T. Smith Minneapolis, Kansas
Glenn J. Cowden, 1416 W. 8th
Ula W. Johnston, Guthrie Okla
Stella Allen D.C. Wichita Kan

J. W. Cotner 
L.D. McDermett  
J. D. Bell                                                                                                     
Tan Gloves 
Dorothea E.J. Williams                        
H.M. Bradford                             
M. I. Lessenger                                 
Minerva Cooper                               
James C. S. Hoy                              
Hettie M. Bradford                            
Thos. J. Williams                              
Eva Wright                                        
Ray W. Smith                                   
Alfaretta Vogan                                 
J. B. Fait                                            
Nora A. Hale                                      
Bush K. Smith                                    
Minnie Murris                                    
Grace B. Rorschach
C. H. Cooke
Ralph A. Wooding
Frank Edmondson
Charley Roberts
J.T. Mchinson
Sophia A. Currier
E.R. Boaz, D.C.
R.E. Nida
Mrs. R.E. Nida
Jennie Lessenger
W.L. Johnson
W.A. Gibson
Blanche H. Brown
Eva Richison
Chlora E. Dobbins
William Orin Allison
Ethel P. Allison. D.C.
Mrs. M.V. McDermet, D.C.
J.H. McGaven

To Our Friends of 2013
Loving Greetings

this Little Book
the first that expressed
the science which
holds such common
sway in your
day, be read
with pleasure and interest

It is donated and inserted
by its author
The Carver College
Of which he is dean
of the faculty.
And its loving body of
We say all best.
Willard Carver

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