The Century Chest Collection

Malone Family Package - Letter from Mrs. Flora Hull Malone to  descendants

(Transcribed from the original)

To my descendants.
I was born in La Fayette Indiana September 23rd 1870. My parents were Darwin Hills Hull and Sarah Jane Donley Hull. While I was a little baby my folks moved to South Eastern, Nebraska and my life was mostly spent in the little town of Stella Nebraska where on January 6th 1887 I was married to Edward Sarsfield Malone and where our two children were born. They are Rae Irene and Darwin Edward. They are dear fine children and I hope their descendants will prove worthy of them. I have been a member of the Philomathea Club for almost sixteen years. I wonder my dear great, great, grandchildren just how the world will be in your day, but possible I may know
Flora Hull Malone

Malone Family Package - Letter to descendants

(Transcribed from the original)

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