The Century Chest Collection

Carver Chiropractic College and Class of 1913

(Transcribed from the original)

The Carver Chiropractic College and Class of 1913,
1. Carver's Chiropractic Analysis,
a Text Book
2. Chiropractic Record,
a magazine
3. The Red Book,
a brief treatise

With the following messages
A. This Book is to be placed inside the glass case in which reposes
The skeleton of Dr. Willard Carver with appropriate notice and history
Carver Chiropractic College.

B. To our Friends of 2013
Love and Greetings:- May this book, the first that expressed the Science of Chiropractic, which is so universally your system, be read by you with pleasure and interest. It is donated and inscribed by its author, the Dean of the Carver Chiropractic College, and by its class of 1913. With warmest love and good wishes.

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