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History of the Oklahoma City Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution,

(Transcribed from the original)

History Oklahoma City Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution

The Oklahoma City Chapter, was organized December 14, 1904 at the house of Mrs. Robert P. Carpenter 212 West 16th St. with 16 sixteen charter members. As follow.
Marry Elliot Laspenter. Flora Gorsett Chambers
Carrie Eva Douglas. Alice Craig Fuller
Lena Darrall Gardner. Blanche L. Grier
Pirez Green Howard. Myrtle Beatty Lamb.
Gertrude Brown McPlsee. Daisy B. Mitchell
Daisy Beatty Pettee. Virginia Pairn Rozell.
Elizabeth Berry Lell Shelly. Priscilla Vuiug McCalster
Misses. Lellian Snowden. Caroline Elizabeth Shelly

The society has had mindful growth from the sixteen 16 charter members in 1904 to 116 in 1913. Our first baby was Rebecca Lamb. Our first bride Miriam Duchardson Dumar. One of our aims and ambitions is the raising enough money for a Chapter House and we hope this may be fulfilled and that the descendants who head this may had the use and convenience of it for some time. For this purpose a number of beautiful entertainments have been given. A Colonial Tea at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Johnson and two Colonial assemblys. All beautiful affairs. Many daughters appearing in colonial dress  - and a great success both socially and financially. Flag day June 14 and Washingtons Birthday February 22nd have been fitting observed in a social was as also organization day December 14th much is held at the home of Mrs. Carpenter.

The Chapter has been supported A little girl at the Berry School in Rome Ga. for two years and we have but very substantial loves to this school for several years. The Chapters has entertained the State Conference three times in a very hospitable manner. This being the primer chapter of then the ten (10) now in the State Conference.

The following is a list of the officers since 1904
Regent Mrs R. P. Conpenter
Vice Regent.  Mrs. N. J. Pettee
Rec.  Sec.  Mrs T. G. Chambers
Treas. Miss Lillian Snowden
Regestra Mrs Roff H. Gardner
Historian Mrs W. W. Braswell.

1905 - 1906
Regent Mrs N. J. Petee
Vice Regent:
Rec. Sec. Mrs T. G. Chambers
Treas. Miss Lillian Snowden
Regstra Mrs Roff H. Gardner
Historian. Mrs. R. R. Fuller.

1906 - 1907
Regent - Mrs Roff H Gardner
Vice Regent Mrs U. L. Russell
Sec. Mrs Lea. A. Reily
Treas Miss Snowden
Historian Mrs Braswell.

Officers for 1907 - 1908
Regent - Mrs R. H. Gardner
Vice Regent Mrs R. R. Fuller
Rec. Sec.  Mrs C. S. McGaughey
Cor. Sec. Miss Grace Goodrich
Treas. Miss Snowden
Registra Mrs Arthur Snell
Historian Mrs W. W. Braswell

1908 - 1909
Regent Mrs R. R. Fuller
Vice Regent Mrs C. S. McGaughey
Rec Sec Mrs Arthur Snell.
Cor. Sec. Mrs Geo Ryan
Treas Miss Snowden
Regestra Mrs Lea A. Reily
Historian Mrs R. M. Conway

1909 - 1910
Regent Mrs T. W. Williamson
Vice Regent
Rec. Sec Mrs A. V. Snell
Cor - " Miss Buxton
Treas. Miss Snowden
Registra Mrs. John Fields
Historian Mrs Braswell

Officers for 1910 - 1911
Regent Mrs T. N. Nillianson
Vice REgen Mrs A. F. Warden
Rec. Cor. Miss Grace Gordsich
Treas. Mrs. N. E. Taylor
Registra Mrs John Fields
Historian Mrs R. P. Carpenter

1911 - 1912
Regent Mrs N. E. Taylor
Vice Regent MRs N. B. Natkins
Rec. Sec. Miss Goodrich
Cor. Sec. Mrs E. B. Highs
Treas. Mrs. C. S. McGaughey
Historian Mrs Carpenter
Parliamentarian Mrs T. G. Chambers

1912 - 1913
Regent Mrs N. B. Natkins
Vice Regent Mrs N. J. Pettee
Rec. Sec Mrs E. B. Highs
Cor. Sec. Mrs H. H. Merchel
Treas. Mrs J. c. McClelland
Registra Mrs T. N. Nillinanson
Historian Mrs Carpenter
Parliamentarian Mrs F. K. Brooke
Mary Elliot Carpenter Historian
Oklahoma City Chapter
April 18th 1913

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