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The the Patron's Club of 2013

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The Patron's Clubs of 1913.
to the Patron's Clubs of 2013.

School Patron's Clubs.

An event, important, to the school system of Oklahoma City occurred in March 1905. Mrs. S. C. Hoover, Principal of the Lincoln Ward building, and Mrs. Cora D. Hammett, President of the Norman's Christian Temperance Union, met on the street and held a brief conversation concerning an article both had read in the Southwestern School Journal, concerning Patron's Clubs. In a few weeks the first Patron's Club in Oklahoma was organized in the Lincoln School, with the approval of the Board of Education and of the Superintendent, Mr. Ed. S. Vaught.

The first important undertaking of the Federation was to bring to the city an Art Exhibit prepared by the company making the Turner Prints. The schools were to have a percentage on all pictures sold, and the proceeds from the sale of admission tickets, the entire fund to be used to purchase pictures for the buildings. As most of the buildings were new and lacking in such treasures, it was a fine opportunity. $525.00 was realized, and each building secured a number of fine pictures.

One of the earliest recommendations was that a summer industrial school be established, but this has not yet been done.
The Curfew Law was the direct result of agitation by the Federation, the Board of Education purchasing the whistle for the use of the City.
The Federation has given a large reception each year to the Teachers and Patrons, and has also assisted the Board of Education in entertaining the State Teachers Association each time.

During the past two years the efforts of the Federation have been mainly directed to three things; -

1st.  To Promote School Libraries. All of the schools now have made a creditable beginning, and it is hoped that in the near future the outside buildings may all become branches of the city library.

2nd. To Promote Anti-cigaret-work. Dr. Dora Martin has made a splendid beginning, and there are now about 8000 boys and girls in the anti-cigaret League and wearing the A. C. L. Button.

3rd. To Establish Supervised Play Grounds.

Early in January, 1912 an effort was made to interest the public in the necessity for providing supervised play grounds for Oklahoma City. The Federation secured Dr. Henry S. Curtis who gave an illustrated lecture on the subject. A temporary association was formed with the following people in charge.
President, Mr. L. L. McDonald, of the Y. W. C. A.
Vice Pres. Dr. H. H. Cloudman, Physical Supervisor of the Schools.
Sec. Mrs. Orrin Ashton, Pres. of the Kindergarten Mothers Clubs.
Treas. Mrs. C. H. Everest, Pres. of Federated Patrons Clubs.
A campaign of education was begun and largely by means of the interest taken by the various school clubs, it is possible to establish at least one demonstration ground for the summer of 1913, which will be well equipped and ably supervised. It is hoped that this demonstration will ultimately secure adequate supervision for the play time of all the children of the city.

There are twenty two clubs now in the Federation, Bryant, Columbus, Culbertson, Edgemere, Emerson, Eugene Field, Franklin, Garfield, Hawthorne, High, Jefferson, Lee, Lincoln, Lowell, McKinley, Putnam, Riverside, Shields, Washington, Wheeler, Whittier, and Williard.

The present officers are
President. Mrs. C. H. Everest, of the High School.
1st Vice. Mrs. C. E. Lindsey of the Lowell School.
2nd Vice. Mrs. H. C. Watters of the Field School
3rd Vice. Mrs. J. S. Coates of the Washington School.
Secretary. Mrs. W. H. Smith of the Putnam School.
Treasurer. Mrs. Mike Donnelly, of the Lee School.

April, 1913.
History of the Federation of Patron's Clubs.

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