The Century Chest Collection

For the Great Granddaughter of Gertrude Darrell Riely

(Transcribed from the original)

For the Great Grand-daughter
of Gertrude Darrel Riely
(Mrs. Leo A. Riely)

701 West 16th Street
Sunday night – April 20th 1913

My dear, dear great-grand-daughter,
I hope your name is Mary after your dear little grand mother whose name is Mary Darrell Riely and who is four years old. She was born February 9th 1909 -. Or if your name isn't Mary I hope it is perhaps Gertrude after me. If this little grand mother of yours grows into the good bright lovely woman that her father and I hope she will it must fall on that her little daughter will be a lovely woman so with such a grand mother and mother I know you are thoroughly charming.

Our little family consists of your grand mother Mary Darrell and of your great rand father Leo A. Riely, who is a physician and of me your great rand mother Gertrude Darrell Riely. My mother Elizabeth Marshall Darrell, one sister Lena Darrell Garduer, her two children, Elizabeth Darrell Garduer and Gertrude Garduer, & one other little niece of mine Olive Darrell Swifder whose mother is dead are the members of my immediate family living. Dr. Riely's mother, Mrs. Herriette Riely, one half brother Louis Riely, and three nephews Sam, James, & Stay Riely, are of his immediate family living.

Your great grand father was born in Indiana, & I was born in Louisiana &your grandmother was born here in Oklahoma at this street number; I don't know what it is most that you would like me to tell you but what I want to do want is to heed a wish down to you through these hundred years. This wish right hangs with us & continues on through the years to you.

We are a happy little family, not fluidly or selfishly to, but so gratefully happy and there is always a prayer in my heart that my little daughter will have a useful happy life and to her little granddaughter & to my dear great grand daughter I also wish a life filled with usefulness & happiness and your great grand father me in this wish and an in love good bye.

Your great grand mother
Gertrude Darrell Riely

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