The Century Chest Collection

Hoshour Family Package - Letter from Alma Capps Hoshour

(Transcribed from the original)

My grandfather Marsh bought this Bible with the first money he earned. He was born May 22, 1802. I am going to place this in the chest for the descendants of my only son, Sterling Capps Hoshour, who was born in Cleburne Texas May 15, 1888. [He] moved to Oklahoma City April 8th, 1907 was confirmed in the Lutheran Church March 16, 1913. His father Charles A. Hoshour was born in Stanton Virginia September 15, 1872 of German parents. Since coming to Oklahoma Mr. Hoshour has been in the Brick business being President of the Cleveland Vitrified Brick company Plant located in Cleveland Oklahoma and the Pawhuska Vitrified Brick and Tile Plant located at Pawhuska Oklahoma. I hope this Bible will be the comfort and pleasure it has been to me. Should there be no descendants of Sterling Capps Hoshour it is my wish it should go to the descendants of my brother Sterling Capps Cleburn, Texas. Capps Hoshour is librarian in the Sunday school attending regularly. He weighs 125 lbs., very fair skin, hair between sandy & auburn, is in the Seven High B grade at school.

Alma Capps Hoshour

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