The Century Chest Collection

Letter from Miss R.J. Turner to Mrs. George Sohlberg regarding the Blind

(Transcribed from the original)

Dear Madame,
I have heard of the chest to be buried, Tues, April 22, '13 – to be opened Monday, April, 22, 2013, and beg permission to send therein a message to the blind.

I have not time to await an answer and, so send by this mail a statement regarding conditions of the present day among the blind, Libraries, schools, homes, workshops, periodicals, inkprint and embossed, Organizations, devises for writing, The American Printing house for the blind, Important questions confronting the blind. Various kind of works in which the blind are engaged, etc.

A page of noted blind men, one of blind women, and one of deaf-blind.

I regret that it is as impossible to have it copied on the ink typwriters, but I felt the opportunity should not be lost to acquaint the blind of that day with the work of the present.

Hoping that the article will reach you in turn and not with your approval.

I am very respy and with best wishes
(Miss) R. J. Turner. (blind)
Per, J. E.

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