The Century Chest Collection

List of Folsom family

(Transcribed from the original)

Now to keep the record straight as to my branch of the Folsom family I will add that my wife and I are the parents of 9 children 7 of whom are lovely girls and 2 manly men, Their names and ages follow:
Daphne Folsom Bell aged 25.
Robinson Folsom, 24.
Ethel Folsom, 23.
Blanche Folsom, Smith, , 22.
Henry (Jack) Folsom, 20.
Alice Folsom, 18
Ruth Folsom, 16.
Adelaide (Lady Kate) Folsom, 14
Christine Folsom, 13.
Yes, that count is correct, we always thought ther (sic) was room for one more. and they have indeed been a pleasure to us. Inadvertently I left out our grand children. They are Francis Folsom Bell, aged 5. John Murphy Bell, Aged 3 and Blanche Louise Smith, Aged 3 and we think they are the top notch "Kiddos"
Respectfully submitted for your entertainment
By – Sincerley Yours
Dor J. Folsom

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