The Donors


Ad Club. The Ad Club donated a message.
Ames, Mrs. Charles B. Mrs. Ames, president of the Ladies Music Club, donated a message and a recording of her rendition of “With Verdure Clad.”
Atwood, Mr. and Mrs. Weston. The Atwoods donated a message.
Avey, Martha. A painting by Ms. Avey [donor?] was donated.


Bennett, Merle. Mr. Bennett donated a recording of his rendition of “Bedouin Love Song.”
Bennett, Mrs. R. Parks. A musical composition by Mrs. Bennett [donor?] was donated.
Bentley, Harriett Dunn. Ms. Bentley donated a Choctaw Definer [and History of Chief Journey Cake, Delaware Indian, and the manuscript “To the Members of the Treaty Rights Association” (of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nation)?]
Blackwelder, Guy. Oklahoma City commissioner of Public Works, Mr. Blackwelder donated a 1913 “Map of City of Oklahoma.”
Board of Education. The Board of Education donated a message.
Brock Dry Goods Company. Brock Dry Goods Company donated a dress representing fashions of 1913.
Brooke, Miss Louisa. Poems by Miss Brooke [donor?] were donated.
Brooke, Rev. Bishop Francis K. Reverend Brooke donated a message about religion.


Carter, Rep. Charles H. U.S. Representative Carter donated a message.
Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce donated a message.
Chambers, Mrs. T.G. Mrs. Chambers donated a message.
Chiropractic Institution. The Chiropractic Institution donated a message.
Classen, Anton. President of City Railway, Mr. Classen donated a message.
Clement, Mrs. W.R. Originator and designer of the official Flag of the State of Oklahoma, Mrs. Clement donated a flag she made, a certificate of adoption of her flag design, and a message of greeting. 
Conlan, Mrs. M. A Choctaw-Chickasaw, Mrs. Conlan donated pottery made from Oklahoma soil and Sequoyah, the Cadmus of the Indians—the Cherokee Chief Who Invented the Cherokee Alphabet.
Council of First English Lutheran Church. The Council of First English Lutheran Church donated a message.
Crockett, A.P. Mr. Crockett donated a message about law.
Cruce, Gov. Lee. An Address by Governor Cruce to Oklahoma City (1913) is in the donated “Book of City Builders.”
Cruce, Lorena Jane. Ms. Cruce donated her “Mother’s Day Proclamation” she wrote for her father, Gov. Lee Cruce.


Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma). The Daily Oklahoman donated more than fifty issues of the newspaper to be sold in 2013, with the proceeds going to the First Lutheran Church.
Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daughters of the Confederacy donated a message.
Daughters of the [American?] Revolution. The Daughters of the Revolution donated a message.
Daugherty, Mrs. Mrs. Daugherty donated a message.
Davenport, Mrs. J.C. A Chickasaw, Mrs. Davenport donated a plate with the Seal of the Chickasaw Nation.


Federated Missionary Society of Oklahoma City. The Federated Missionary Society of Oklahoma City contributed a message.
F.F.O. Society. The F.F.O Society contributed a message.
Five O’clock Tea Club. The Five O’clock Tea Club contributed a message.
Finningar, Charles A. Mr. Finningar donated a boy’s suit representing fashions of 1913.
Flynn, Mrs. Dennis. Wife of Dennis T. Flynn, Oklahoma Territorial delegate to the U.S. Congress, Mrs. Flynn donated Loaded Cane—Medal and Historical Account of Geo. Thornton, U.S. Marshal of Indian Territory at the Time of the Opening [?] and a pen with which President McKinley signed the Free Homes Bill for Oklahoma.
Folsom, Dan J. Mr. Folsom donated an Indian beaded garter, a buffalo horn spoon, a bois d’arc wood bow, and a message.
Folsom, Julius C. Mr. Folsom donated a Choctaw Testament and a message.
Frederickson-Kroh Music Company. The Frederickson-Kroh Music Company donated a phonograph.
Frederickson Tire Company. The Frederickson Tire Company contributed a message.
Fuller, Mrs. R.R. Poems by Mrs. Fuller [donor?] were placed in the Century Chest.


Gaynos, Ida. Poems by Ms. Gaynos [donor?] were donated.
Giard, C. Francis. A musical composition by Mr. Giard [donor?] was donated.
Gimeno, Patricio. A painting by Mr. Gimeno [donor?], professor of painting at the University of Oklahoma, was donated.
Gloyd, Mr. Oscar. Mr. Gloyd donated a message.
Grant, Mayor Whit M. An address by Mayor Grant to Oklahoma City (1913) is in the donated “Book of City Builders.”
Guy, William. Chickasaw Governor Guy donated a message.


Hale, Mrs. Mrs. Hale donated “minutes of the meeting of the first Women’s Club ever held in America, at New Harmony, Indiana in 1859.”
Heaney, Mr. and Mrs. L.A. The Heaneys donated a message.
Holder, J.L. Mr. Holder, editor of the Fort Gibson (Oklahoma) Post, donated issues of the Cherokee Advocate (Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, I.T.), papers printed on the old Cherokee Advocate press, and The Lord’s Prayer printed in Cherokee.
Hoshour, Mr. and Mrs. Charles. The Hoshours donated a message.
Huckins, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph. The Huckins donated a message.


Johnson, L.P. Mr. Johnson donated a message about banking.


Kerr Dry Goods Company. The Kerr Dry Goods Company donated a hat representing fashions of 1913.


Littleheart, Oleta. A copy of Ms. Littleheart’s [donor?] The Lure of the Indian Country and a Romance of Its Great Resort was donated.
Locke, Victor. Choctaw Chief Locke donated a message.


Macklein, C. Barthold. A musical composition by Mr. Macklein [donor?] was donated.
Masonic Lodge. The Masonic Lodge donated a message.
McIntyre, Edwin Vale. A musical composition by Mr. McIntyre [donor?] was donated.
Meaz, J. Gerald. A musical composition by Mr. Meaz [donor?] was donated.
Medical Association. The Medical Association donated a message.
Mellon Dry Goods Company. The Mellon Dry Goods Company donated shoes representing fashions of 1913.
Modern Classics. Modern Classics donated a message.
Modern Woodmen. The Modern Woodmen donated a message.
Moore, Jessie Randolph. Mrs. Moore donated “The Lines Written on Indian Face,” a Choctaw Baptist Hymn Book, and The Indian Side by J.L. Murrow.
Moore, Mrs. W.B. Mrs. Moore donated a recording of her rendition of “O Rest in the Lord.”
Music Club. The Music Club donated a message.
Myser, Mr. and Mrs. L.J. The Mysers donated a message.


New Century. New Century donated a message.


Overholser, Mrs. Henry. Mrs. Overholser contributed a message.
Owen, Ethel Bornhill. A musical composition by Mrs. Owen [donor?] was donated.
Owen, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Owen. The Owens donated a message.


P.E.O. Organization. The P.E.O. Organization donated a message.
Philomatheia. Philomatheia donated a message.
Pioneer Telephone and Telegraph Company. The Pioneer Telephone and Telegraph Company donated a 1913 telephone.


Quinn, Alfred P. A musical composition by Mr. Quinn [donor?] was donated.


Riely, Dr. Lee A. Dr. Riely donated a message about medicine and surgery.
Robertson, Mrs. A.E. Mrs. Robertson donated a Creek Second Reader.
Robinson, Adah. A painting by Ms. Robinson [donor?] was donated.
Rotary Club. The Rotary Club donated a message.
Royal Neighbors. The Royal Neighbors donated a message.


Savings Bank of Rutland, Vermont. A 1913 contract between the Savings Bank of Rutland and the First Lutheran Church of Oklahoma City was donated to the Century Chest.
Schaefer, Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph. The Schaefers donated a message.
Second Mile Club (Girls Club of Lutheran Church). The Second Mile Club donated a message.
Scott, Angelo C. A copy of Mr. Scott’s [donor?] “History of the First Week in Oklahoma” is found in the donated “Book of City Builders.”
Shartel, Elfrida Woods. A musical composition by Mrs. Shartel [donor?] was donated.
Shepherd, Nellie. A painting by Ms. Shepherd [donor?] was donated.
Sherman Machine & Iron Works. The Sherman Machine & Iron Works donated a message.
Shirk, Mr. and Mrs. John. The Shirks donated a message.
Sohlberg, Mr. and Mrs. G.G. The Sohlbergs donated a message.
Stafford, Roy E. Mr. Stafford donated a message about journalism.
Sutton, Fred. Mr. Sutton donated a “paper containing life and death of Capt. John Payne.”


Wallace, Charles J. A musical composition by Mr. Wallace [donor?] was donated.
Warden Printing Company. The Warden Printing Company donated “Quarterly Bulletin of the University of Oklahoma, General Catalogue 1911-12 with announcements of 1912-13.”
Westfall Drug Company. The Westfall Drug Company donated a Kodak camera.
Wetzel, Mr. and Mrs. John. The Wetzels donated a message.
White, Dr. Charles. Dr. White contributed a message.
Williams, Rowland D. A musical composition by Mr. Williams [donor?] was donated.
Women of ’89. The Women of ’89 donated a message.
Worley, Virginia. A decorated plate by Ms. Worley [donor?] was donated.