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Oklahoma Historical Society
Oklahoma History Center
800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 521-2491

Oklahoma History Center

Admissions (405) 522-0765 admissions@okhistory.org
Events Office (405) 522-0745 events@okhistory.org
Museum Store (405) 522-5214 museumstore@okhistory.org
Membership (405) 522-5242 ohsmembers@okhistory.org
Research Center (405) 522-5225 research@okhistory.org
State Historic Preservation Office (405) 521-6249
Winnie Mae Café (405) 522-2321 winniemaecafe@okhistory.org
Volunteer Office (Museum) (405) 522-0754 education@okhistory.org
Volunteer Office (Research) (405) 522-5239 cjasak@okhistory.org

Museums & SitesPhone & EmailDepartment
AJ Seay Mansion
605 Zellers Ave.
Kingfisher, OK 73750
Historic Home
Atoka Museum & Confederate Cemetery
258 N. Hwy 69
Atoka, OK 74525
Cherokee Strip Museum
2617 W. Fir St.
Perry, OK 73077
Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center
507 S. 4th St
Enid, OK 73701
Chisholm Trail Museum
605 Zellers Ave.
Kingfisher, OK 73750
Fort Gibson
PO Box 457 (907 N. Garrison)
Fort Gibson, OK 74434
Military Site
Fort Supply
1 William S. Key Blvd.
Fort Supply, OK 73841
Military Site
Fort Towson
HC 63 Box 1580
Fort Towson, OK 74735
Military Site
Fort Washita
3348 State Road 199
Durant, OK 74701
Military Site
Frank Phillips Home
1107 SE Cherokee
Bartlesville, OK 74003
Historic Home
Fred Drummond Home
305 N. Price Ave.
Hominy, OK 74035
Historic Home
George Murrell Home
19479 E. Murrell Home Rd.
Park Hill, OK 74451
Historic Home
Henry Overholser Mansion
405 N.W. 15th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Historic Home
Honey Springs Battlefield
101601 S. 4232 RD
Checotah, OK 74426
Military Site
Jim Thorpe Home
706 E. Boston Ave.
Yale, OK 74085
Historic Home
Museum of the Western Prairie
1100 Memorial Dr.
Altus, OK 73521
No Man's Land Museum
PO Box 278 (214 E. Avenue)
Goodwell, OK 73939
Oklahoma Route 66 Museum
2229 W. Gary Blvd.
Clinton, OK 73601
Oklahoma Territorial Museum
402 E. Oklahoma Ave.
Guthrie, OK 73044
Pawnee Bill Ranch
PO Box 493 (1141 Pawnee Bill Rd.)
Pawnee, OK 74058
Historic Home
Pioneer Heritage Townsite Center
PO Box 921 (201 N. 9th St.)
Frederick, OK 73542
Pioneer Woman Museum
701 Monument Rd
Ponca City, OK 74604
Sequoyah's Cabin
470288 Highway 101
Sallisaw, OK 74955
Historic Home
Sod House Museum
Route 3 Box 28
Aline, OK 73716
Historic Home
Spiro Mounds
18154 1st St.
Spiro, OK 74959
TB Ferguson Home
519 N. Weigle
Watonga, OK 73772
Historic Home
Tom Mix Museum
PO Box 190 (721 N. Delaware St.)
Dewey, OK 74029
White Hair Memorial
PO Box 353
Fairfax, OK 74637
NamePhone & EmailDepartment
Oklahoma Museum of History
David Anderson405-522-0802
Administration, Supply
Marcus Anderson
Research, Digitization
Jim Argo580-924-6502
Museums & Sites, Fort Washita Historic Site
Corey Ayers405-522-6307
Administration, Special Projects, Moving Image Archivist
Stephanie Ballard405-522-2713
State Historic Preservation Office, Historian/Survey Coordinator
Joyce Ballet405-522-0687
Administration, Purchasing
Brian Basore405-522-5222
Research, Head Library Technician
Elizabeth Bass405-522-4860
Publications, Director of Publications, Editor
Jessie Beckett
Research, Special Projects
Mike Bell405-522-0789
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Collections
Sarah Biller405-522-0868
Research, Newspaper Department
Dr. Bob Blackburn405-522-5202
Administration, Executive Director
Mark Bomboy405-232-2735
Oklahoma Museum of History
Jason Bondy405-522-0783
Oklahoma Museum of History, AV/IT
Art Briesch405-522-0705
Oklahoma Museum of History, Maintenance
Jeff Briley405-522-0799
Oklahoma Museum of History, Deputy Director
Erin Brown918-762-2513
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
Erin N. Brown405-282-1889
Museums & Sites, Guthrie Museum Complex
Evelyn Brown405-522-0472
Publications, Assistant Editor
Michael Brown918-762-5214
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
Ronny Brown918-762-2513
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
Renae Brumley918-538-2417
Museums & Sites, Whitehair Memorial
Jennie Buchanan580-482-1044
Museums & Sites, Director, Museum of the Western Prairie
Katie Bush405-522-5223
Research, Library Technician
Mike Caffey580-237-1907 x228
Museums & Sites, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center
Kim Chadbourne405-522-5219
Administration, Finance, Accounts Payable
Mallory Covington405-522-0876
Research, Manuscripts Archivist
Rick Cragg918-478-4088
Museums & Sites, Fort Gibson Historic Site
Shelly Crynes405-522-0317
Administration, Membership & Development
Tara Damron405-522-2298
Research, Deputy Director of the Office of American Indian Culture and Preservation
Cyndi Lu Daniels405-522-0745
Oklahoma Museum of History, OHC Events Manager
Lesa Daniels405-522-5229
Administration, Mail Room
Tifani Darata405-522-0765
Oklahoma Museum of History, Customer Service II
Frank Davenport405-522-0879
Research, Library Resources
Anna Davis918-762-2513
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
John Davis580-873-2634
Museums & Sites, Regional Director, FTW, FTT, HSB, PCH, SMAC
Robbin Davis580-765-6108
Museums & Sites, Director of Pioneer Woman Museum
Jesse Dearman405-521-6249
State Historic Preservation Office, Secretary/Receptionist
Kathy Dickson405-522-5231
Museums & Sites, Director
Jerry Dobbs918-775-2413
Museums & Sites, Sequoyah Cabin, Historic Property Manager
Clark Duffe405-522-0849
Research, Optical Technician
Sarah Dumas405-522-0785
Oklahoma Museum of History, Director of Education
Valerie Duncan405-282-1889
Museums & Sites, Director of Museums & Historic Homes Department
Dr. Dianna Everett405-522-5238
Publications, Editor of the Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture
Natalie Fiegal405-522-0782
Oklahoma Museum of History, Assistant Curator of Exhibits
David Fowler918-456-2751
Museums & Sites, Director of Murrell Home, Fort Gibson, and Cabin Creek Battlefield
Jennifer Frazee918-456-2751
Museums & Sites, Murrell Home, Historical Interpreter
Jim Goss918-336-2491
Museums & Sites, Frank Phillips Home
Kim Goss918-336-2491 x104
Museums & Sites, Frank Phillips Home, Volunteer & Marketing Coordinator
Kim Hagan405-522-0791
Oklahoma Museum of History, Historical Interpreter II
Nicole Harvey405-522-5202
Administration, Executive Assistant
Seth Hawkins580-323-7866
Museums & Sites, OK Route 66 Museum
Steve Hawkins405-522-0754
Oklahoma Museum of History, Director of Marketing
Melvena Heisch405-522-4484
State Historic Preservation Office, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
Michael Hightower434-249-6043
Research, Oklahoma Bank & Commerce History Project
Amy Hildebrand405-522-0797
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Collections
Andi Holland580-237-1907 x223
Museums & Sites, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, Director
Eddie Horton580-873-2634
Museums & Sites, Fort Towson Historic Site
Rillis Howard405-522-5235
Museums & Sites, Director of Construction and Maintenance
Terry Howard405-522-5299
Administration, Finance
Carol Jasak405-522-5239
Research, Volunteer Coordinator
Patricia Jones405-522-4025
Research, Technical Services Librarian
Carolyn Krumanocker405-522-0879
Research, Library Resources
Paul Lambert405-522-5217
Administration, Development
Jim Lee405-522-6354
Administration, Supply
Mary Lee405-522-0740
Oklahoma Museum of History, Registrar
Cynthia Manning405-522-0784
Oklahoma Museum of History, Graphic Artist
Laura Martin405-522-5221
Research, Deputy Director
Sherry Massey405-522-0737
Oklahoma Museum of History, Senior Registrar
Jon May405-522-5208
Research, Photo Archives
Pam McCarty405-521-6386
State Historic Preservation Office, Section 106 Technical Services Coordinator
Andrew McCoy405-522-0788
Oklahoma Museum of History
Flossie McCoy405-522-5226
Research, Library Technician
Jim Meeks405-522-0781
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Exhibits
Administration, OHS Membership
Microfilm Orders405-522-0868
Research, Newspaper Department
Cindy Montgomery405-522-5230
Museums & Sites, Administrative Programs Officer
Rory Montgomery918-478-4088
Museums & Sites, Fort Gibson Historic Site
Alma Moore405-522-5242
Administration, Membership
Jeff Moore405-522-0692
OKPOP Museum, Project Director
Rachel Mosman405-522-5208
Research, Photo Archives
Debbie Munson405-522-3602
Administration, Purchasing
Tom Murby405-232-2735
Oklahoma Museum of History
Velda Mustard580-482-0128
Museums & Sites, Museum of the Western Prairie
Newspaper Department405-522-0868
Research, Newspaper Department
Larry O'Dell405-522-6676
Administration, Director of Special Projects/Development
Lori Oden405-522-0780
Oklahoma Museum of History, Director of Exhibits
Shea Otley405-522-4485
State Historic Preservation Office, HPF Grants Manager
Lynda Ozan405-522-4478
State Historic Preservation Office, Architectural Historian/National Register Program Coordinator
Meta Partenheimer405-522-2291
Research, Registration
Marvanna Perry405-522-0779
Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society
Dennis Peterson918-962-2062
Museums & Sites, Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center, Manager
Ron Petty580-924-6502
Museums & Sites, Fort Washita Historic Site
Aaron Preston580-237-1907
Museums & Sites, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center
Christopher A. Price918-473-5572
Museums & Sites, Honey Springs Battlefield
Amanda Pritchett918-456-2751
Museums & Sites, Murrell Home
Dan Provo405-522-5380
Oklahoma Museum of History, Director
JA Pryse405-522-0689
Research, Digitization
Tatyana Putnam405-522-6926
Administration, Finance
Stephanie Rapp918-538-2417
Museums & Sites, Whitehair Memorial
James Ray405-522-5203
Museums & Sites, Construction/Maintenance
Matt Reed405-522-0786
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Collections
Omar Reed918-478-4088
Museums & Sites, Fort Gibson Historic Site
Research Center405-522-5225
Jan Richardson405-522-4595
Research, Manuscripts
Frank Rinehart405-522-4976
Administration, Finance
Glen Roberson405-521-6387
State Historic Preservation Office, Certified Local Governments Program Coordinator
Jack Robertson405-522-0820
State Historic Preservation Office, Administrative Technician
Dayna Robinson580-323-7866
Museums & Sites, OK Route 66 Museum, Administrative Technician
Mike Scanlan405-522-0710
Oklahoma Museum of History, Director of Security
Oklahoma Museum of History
Valerie Short580-336-2491
Museums & Sites, Frank Phillips Home
Robert Shutler405-522-0811
Oklahoma Museum of History, Maintenance
Ted Slate405-522-5237
Museums & Sites
Andrew Slaucitajs918-473-5572
Museums & Sites, Honey Springs Battlefield
Pat Smith580-323-7866
Museums & Sites, OK Route 66 Museum
Tiffany Smith405-282-1889
Museums & Sites, Oklahoma Territorial Museum
Angela Spindle405-522-0868
Research, Newspaper Department
Dr. Debra Spindle405-522-5224
Research, Librarian
Simon Stevens405-522-0011
Administration, Finance
Michelle Swaney918-336-2491 x104
Museums & Sites, Frank Phillips Home, Visitor's Center & Collection Data
Ed Taylor405-522-0811
Oklahoma Museum of History, Maintenance
Jennifer Towry405-522-4019
Research, Webmaster & Special Projects
Renee Trindle580-463-2441
Museums & Sites, Sod House Museum
Nathan Turner405-282-1889
Museums & Sites, Guthrie Museum Complex
Felecia Vaughn405-522-5225
Research, Library Resources
Brad Wallace405-522-5225
Research, Library Resources
Preston Ware405-522-0852
Museums & Sites, Graphic Artist
Diane Wasser405-522-6674
Research, Film & Video Archivist
Kevin Webb918-762-2513
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
Sue Weissinger580-349-2670
Museums & Sites, No Man's Land Museum
William Welge405-522-5209
Research, Director of the Office of American Indian Culture and Preservation
Beverly Whitcomb918-885-2374
Museums & Sites, Fred Drummond Home
Robert Wilkins405-522-5227
Research, Library Technician
Chad Williams405-522-5207
Research, Director
Michael D. Williams405-282-1889
Museums & Sites, Oklahoma Territorial Museum, Registrar-Collections Specialist
Jera Winters405-522-0755
Oklahoma Museum of History, Museum Store
Catharine Wood405-521-6381
State Historic Preservation Office, Section 106 Coordinator/Historical Archeologist