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Oklahoma Historical Society
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Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Media Inquiries 405-522-0780 jessica.brogdon@history.ok.gov
Membership 405-522-5242 ohsmembers@history.ok.gov
Oklahoma History Center Museum Admissions 405-522-0765 admissions@history.ok.gov
Oklahoma History Center Events Office 405-522-0745 events@history.ok.gov
Oklahoma History Center Museum Store 405-522-5214 museumstore@history.ok.gov
Research Center 405-522-5225 research@history.ok.gov
State Historic Preservation Office 405-521-6249 shpo@history.ok.gov
Volunteers (Museum) 405-522-0754 Steve.Hawkins@history.ok.gov
Volunteers (Research) 405-522-5227 Robert.Wilkins@history.ok.gov
Website 405-522-4019 webmaster@history.ok.gov

Marty Alberts, Technical Services TechnicianResearch 405-522-5226
Ryan Allen, Director of StorytellingOKPOP 918-402-2887
Jesse Allensworth, MaintenancePawnee Bill Ranch and Museum 918-762-2513
Delaney Asbridge, EducatorOklahoma History Center 405-522-0789
Mary Barnes, Senior Programs OfficerOKPOP 918-402-2887
Brian Basore, Senior Library TechnicianResearch 405-522-5222
Dr. Elizabeth Bass, Director of Publications
Editor, The Chronicles of Oklahoma
Communications and Development 405-522-4860
Brittney Berling, Development OfficerCommunications and Development 405-522-0317
Sarah Biller, Newspaper Department SupervisorResearch 405-522-0868
Mark Bomboy, Construction/Maintenance in Exhibit ShopMuseums and Historic Sites 405-232-2735
Brandie Bond, LaborerOklahoma Route 66 Museum 580-323-7866
Jason Bondy, AV/IT Exhibits SpecialistOklahoma History Center 405-522-0783
Jeff Briley, Interim DirectorOklahoma History Center 405-522-0799
Jessica Brogdon, Public Information OfficerCommunications and Development 405-522-0780
Erin Brown, Curator of CollectionsOklahoma Territorial Museum and Carnegie Library 405-282-1889
Michael Brown, Maintenance DepartmentPawnee Bill Ranch and Museum 918-762-5214
Ronny Brown, DirectorPawnee Bill Ranch and Museum 918-762-2513
Renae Brumley, Site ManagerWhite Hair Memorial 918-538-2417
Jennie Buchanan, DirectorMuseum of the Western Prairie 580-482-1044
Aaron Byrd, VideographerCommunications and Development 405-522-6307
Joe Caputo, Film and Video SpecialistResearch 405-522-6674
Meg Charron, Deputy DirectorOKPOP 918-671-6554
Mason Cole, Manuscripts SpecialistResearch 405-522-0876
Katherine Coley, Research Collections SpecialistResearch
Mallory Covington, CA, Archival Collections ManagerResearch 405-522-0876
Kirk Cresto, HousekeepingOklahoma History Center
Tara Damron, Program DirectorWhite Hair Memorial 918-538-2417
Ashlie Daniels, RegistrarOklahoma History Center 405-522-0737
Cyndi Lu Daniels, Events ManagerOklahoma History Center 405-522-0745
Tifani Darata, Secretary/ReceptionistState Historic Preservation Office 405-521-6249
Anna Davis, Historical InterpreterPawnee Bill Ranch and Museum 918-762-2513
Mark Dempsey, Music ArchivistOKPOP 918-402-2887
Kathy Dickson, DirectorMuseums and Historic Sites 405-522-5231
Clark Duffe, Micrographics Lab SpecialistResearch 405-522-0849
Sarah Dumas, Director of Learning and EngagementOklahoma History Center 405-522-0785
Valerie Duncan, Deputy Director, Museums and Historic Sites DivisionMuseums and Historic Sites 405-522-0815
Zachariah Eastwood, Newspaper TechnicianResearch 405-522-0868
Angela Evans, Director of CommunicationsOKPOP 918-402-2887
Dr. Dianna Everett, Editor, The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and CultureCommunications and Development 405-522-5238
Keith Fagan, Historical InterpreterPioneer Woman Museum and Statue 580-765-6108
Natalie Fiegel, Curator of ExhibitsOklahoma History Center 405-522-0782
David Fowler, Regional DirectorCabin Creek Battlefield, Honey Springs Battlefield, Hunter's Home, Fort Gibson Historic Site, Fort Towson Historic Site, Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum, and Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center 918-456-2751
Carrie Fox, EducatorOklahoma History Center 405-522-0791
Heather Franks, Curator of CollectionsOklahoma History Center 405-521-3137
Jennifer Frazee, DirectorFort Gibson Historic Site 918-478-4088
Seth Goff, Historical InterpreterHunter's Home 918-456-2751
Jarrod Gollihare, Audio ArchivistOKPOP 918-402-2887
Melony Gregory-Keeler, Research AssistantResearch 405-522-5225
Brandon Grossman, Digital Imaging SpecialistResearch 405-522-5207
Jason Hadley, Digital Imaging SpecialistResearch 405-522-0778
Nina Hager, Publications Assistant, Mistletoe Leaves and EXTRA!Communications and Development 405-522-0689
David Harris, Construction/Maintenance TechnicianOklahoma History Center 405-522-0810
Nicole Harvey, Director of Strategic InitiativesAdministration 405-522-5202
Steve Hawkins, Director of MarketingOklahoma History Center 405-522-0754
Darrell Hill, HousekeepingOklahoma History Center 405-522-0700
Jennifer Holt, CuratorWill Rogers Memorial Museum 918-343-8124
Gabby Hosek, Chief Financial Officer and Legislative Liaison Finance 405-522-3654
Rillis Howard, Director of Construction and MaintenanceMuseums and Historic Sites 405-522-5235
Rosa Huerta, Assistant Director of HousekeepingOklahoma History Center 405-522-0700
David Hull, Kirkpatrick Family Archive ArchivistResearch 405-767-3705
Charles Humbert, Construction/Maintenance TechnicianOklahoma History Center 405-522-0811
Caelyn Hunter, Storytelling Project Coordinator OKPOP 918-402-2887
Molly Hutchins, Historical InterpreterHunter's Home 918-456-2751
Amy Johnson, Curator of CollectionsCherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center 580-237-1907
Christopher Johnson, Construction/Maintenance TechnicianHoney Springs Battlefield 918-617-7125
Dustin Jones, Construction/Maintenance TechnicianWill Rogers Memorial Museum 918-341-0719
Michelle Jones, HRMS IVAdministration 405-522-5219
Tad Jones, Executive DirectorWill Rogers Memorial Museum 918-343-8118
Carolyn Krumanocker, Research AssistantResearch 405-522-0879
Jacob Krumwiede, DirectorCherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center 580-237-1907 ext. 223
Makayla Lewis, Historical InterpreterPawnee Bill Museum and Ranch 918-762-2513
Jennifer Lynch, DirectorPioneer Woman Museum and Statue 580-765-6108
Adam Lynn, DirectorHoney Springs Battlefield 918-617-7125
Laura Martin, Deputy DirectorResearch 405-522-5221
Neal Matherne, Director of EducationCherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center 580-237-1907
Lauren Mattice, IT CoordinatorAdministration
Jon May, Photograph Archives SpecialistResearch 405-522-6116
Michael Mayes, Survey CoordinatorState Historic Preservation Office 405-522-6028
Pam McCarty, Section 106 Technical Services CoordinatorState Historic Preservation Office 405-521-6386
Anthony McDaniel, HousekeepingOklahoma History Center 405-522-0700
Greg McGee, Construction/MaintenanceMuseums and Historic Sites 405-522-5310
Emily McKenzie, Collections ManagerOKPOP 918-402-2887
Dalton Meeks, Historical InterpreterPawnee Bill Museum and Ranch 918-762-2513
Jim Meeks, Photo ArchivistResearch Division 405-522-5208
Rory Montgomery, Construction/Maintenance TechnicianFort Gibson Historic Site 918-478-4088
Jeff Moore, Executive DirectorOKPOP 918-402-2887
Evelyn Moxley, Editor and Social Media ManagerCommunications and Development 405-522-0472
Debbie Munson, Purchasing OfficerFinance 405-522-3602
Morgan Myers, AdmissionsOklahoma History Center 405-522-5214
Sanford Nero, MaintenanceHoney Springs Battlefield 918-617-7125
Jennifer NLN, Visitor ServicesOklahoma History Center 405-522-0765
Patricia Nunes, Published Collections ManagerResearch 405-522-4025
Larry O'Dell, Director of Communications and DevelopmentCommunications and Development 405-522-6676
Saidy Orellana, Multicultural Officer Communications and Development 405-522-5204
Shea Otley, CLG Coordinator; Oklahoma Centennial Farm & Ranch CoordinatorState Historic Preservation Office 405-522-4485
Lynda Ozan, Deputy State Historic Preservation OfficerState Historic Preservation Office 405-522-4484
Dr. Matthew Pearce, National Register of Historic Places CoordinatorState Historic Preservation Office 405-522-4479
Jennifer Poe, Gift Shop ManagerWill Rogers Memorial Museum 918-341-0719
Paul Pollard, Bus Grant CoordinatorOklahoma History Center 405-522-0793
Aaron Preston, ArchivistCherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center 580-237-1907 ext. 226
Shirley Qualls, Director of HousekeepingOklahoma History Center 405-522-0700
Veronica Redding, RegistrarResearch 405-522-2291
Pat Reeder, MediaWill Rogers Memorial Museum 918-343-8129
Jan Richardson, Manuscripts Processing ArchivistResearch 405-522-4595
Frank Rinehart, Accounting TechnicianFinance 405-522-4976
Jack Robertson, Administrative TechnicianState Historic Preservation Office 405-522-0820
Dayna Robinson, Administrative AssistantAdministration 405-522-5192
Tyler Saxton, AccountantFinance 405-522-6996
Mike Scanlan, Director of SecurityOklahoma History Center 405-522-0710
Mike Shaw, MaintenanceCherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center 580-237-1907
Robert Shutler, Construction/Maintenance TechnicianOklahoma History Center 405-522-0811
Caleb Simmons, EventsOklahoma History Center
Pat Smith, DirectorOklahoma Route 66 Museum 580-323-7866
Audra Spencer-Russell, Event CoordinatorOklahoma History Center 405-521-3517
Angela Spindle, Membership OfficerCommunications and Development 405-522-5242
Calista Stephens, DirectorFort Towson Historic Site 580-873-2634
Bart Taylor, EducatorWill Rogers Memorial Museum 918-341-0719
Ed Taylor, Construction/Maintenance AdministratorOklahoma History Center 405-522-0705
Jett Taylor, EventsOklahoma History Center
Sue Teska, DirectorHunter's Home 918-456-2751
Trait Thompson, Executive DirectorAdministration 405-522-5192
Jennifer Towry, Web and Visual Communications ManagerCommunications and Development 405-522-4019
Renee Trindle, DirectorSod House Museum 580-463-2441
Erin Turner, Exhibits ManagerOKPOP 918-402-2887
Nathan Turner, Regional DirectorFred and Addie Drummond Home, Museum of the Western Prairie, Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, Oklahoma Territorial Museum and Carnegie Library, Pioneer Woman Museum and Statue, and Sod House Museum 405-282-1889
Felecia Vaughn, Research AssistantResearch 405-522-5225
Darren Vermillion, Historical InterpreterFort Gibson Historic Site 918-478-4088
Anna Vincent, DirectorSpiro Mounds Archaeological Center 918-962-2062
Edward Wade, Material Management SpecialistFinance 405-522-0802
Brad Wallace, Research AssistantResearch 405-522-0849
Diane Wasser, Film and Video ArchivistResearch 405-522-6674
Kevin Webb, Maintenance SupervisorPawnee Bill Ranch and Museum 918-762-2513
Kolby Webster, Exhibits/IT AssistantOKPOP 918-402-2887
Garrett Weindorf, Director of ProductionsOKPOP 918-402-2887
Sara Werneke, Tax Program Coordinator/Historic Preservation ArchitectState Historic Preservation Office 405-522-4478
LaChelle Westfahl, Human Resources ManagerAdministration 405-522-0011
Beverly Whitcomb, DirectorFred and Addie Drummond Home 918-352-5583
Paige White, Exhibit DesignerMuseums and Historic Sites 405-522-5237
Karen Whitecotton, Deputy DirectorAdministration 405-522-0797
Jason Wiley, Manuscripts TechnicianResearch 405-522-0876
Robert Wilkins, Library Technician and Volunteer CoordinatorResearch 405-522-5227
Chad Williams, DirectorResearch 405-522-5207
Michael D. Williams, Registrar-Collections SpecialistOklahoma Territorial Museum and Carnegie Library 405-282-1889
Kathryne Wood, Graphic ArtistMuseums and Historic Sites 405-522-0852
Zane Woods, Customer Service RepresentativeFinance 405-522-5229
Kristina Wyckoff, Section 106 Coordinator/Historic ArcheologistState Historic Preservation Office 405-521-6381
Mickel Yantz, Curator of Pop CultureOKPOP 918-402-2887
Marcus Young, GIS SpecialistState Historic Preservation Office 405-522-2713