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About the Oklahoma Historical Society

The mission of the Oklahoma Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and share the history and culture of the state of Oklahoma and its people.

The Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) was founded on May 27, 1893, by members of the Territorial Press Association. In 1918 the OHS was relocated to the State Capitol, and in 1930 moved to the Wiley Post building. In 2005 came the opening of the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City. Over the years the OHS has developed numerous collections, programs, research centers, museums, historic homes, and military sites across the state.

The OHS is an agency of the State of Oklahoma and a private membership organization governed by a Board of Directors.

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Battle Cry for History: The First 125 Years of the Oklahoma Historical Society

Board of Directors

The OHS is governed by a twenty-five member Board of Directors; thirteen are nominated by the OHS membership and twelve are appointed by the governor of Oklahoma. Visit the Board of Directors page to learn more.

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