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Oklahoma’s Statewide Preservation Plan

2020 Preservation Plan Available

2020 State Plan

Sooner Rather Than Later: Let's Preserve Oklahoma's Past, Oklahoma’s Statewide Preservation Plan (January 1, 2020- December 31, 2024), is now available and will be effective January 1, 2020–December 31, 2024. The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) invites preservation professionals, concerned citizens, and the general public to read the plan and help our office accomplish the goals and objectives listed.

For a list of the goals and objectives only, click here. This list will be the SHPO's checklist of our accomplishments in preservation throughout the next four years. For further information or if you have any questions, contact Shea Otley at sjotley@okhistory.org.

Previous Plans

2015 State Plan
2010 State Plan

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What are Historic Contexts?

To accomplish the mission of the Oklahoma Historical Society and honor the vision of the State Historic Preservation Office, all work is completed following our historic context. A historic context is utilized as a planning tool that collects information about historic properties based on a theme, specific time period, and/or geographical area. The information used to create historic context material comes from National Register of Historic Places nominations, survey reports, monographs, newspapers, historic maps, and many other historic and modern resources. In the past, the State Historic Preservation Office has produced historic contexts as products of the statewide program, which can be found below.

Any historic context developed for the SHPO will provide a background for why property types exist, provide a basis for comparison of type, and make the justification for eligibility of a resource. As the existing context documents are very dated, many not updated since their publication in the 1980s, the time has come to update them. In an effort to utilize the most recent research as well as coordinate the context development with that of the overarching organization where the SHPO is housed, the Oklahoma Historical Society as well as the Oklahoma Archeological Survey, the context documents need to be rewritten and categorized.

The State Plan currently divides Oklahoma’s resources into two categories, prehistoric and historic. By clicking on the following links, you will find maps that illustrate how Oklahoma is divided into management regions (the geographic element for the historic contexts). Oklahoma’s unique settlement history determined the management region boundaries. Historic context development is an ongoing process, and formal historic context documents for each theme are not available for all management regions under the historic component of the State Plan. Researchers should also consult Historical Archaeology in Oklahoma (see Historic Contexts below).

Prehistoric Contexts

Historic Contexts