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The Oklahoma Century Chest


Ancestor: Someone in your family from a previous generation, like a grandparent.

Assembly line: A process used in factories where each person is assigned a different step in building a product.

Automobile: A vehicle with four wheels that travels under its own power; a car.

Bachelor's Degree: A degree received after completing an undergraduate study at a university or college.

Bracers: Straps placed over the shoulder that hold up one's pants, attached by buttons.

Concert: A live performance of music.

Constitutional amendment: A law that alters or adds to the Constitution of the United States.

Convenient: Something that is made easier or more comfortable to use.

Correspondence: Communication by written word, often a letter.

Entertainment: An activity or performance that people find enjoyable.

Expensive: An object or service that costs too much money for most people to afford.

Fashion: A common style of dress during a particular time or among a certain group.

Film: A roll or strip of thin, flexible, transparent material that is sensitive to light and used in photography.

Freight: Goods or cargo carried by train, truck, airplane, or ship.

Future: What comes after the present.

Generation: A group of individuals living at the same time.

Glass plate: A piece of glass treated to be sensitive to light and used in photography. Inexpensive: An object or service that costs little money and is affordable by many. Invention: An original device or process.

Knickers: Loose-fitting short pants gathered just below the knee.

Luxury: An item or service that is expensive and/or not necessary.

Mass production: The process of making one item for sale in large quantities; e.g. Henry Ford's factories that made thousands of black Model T's every week.

Modern: Something that is from recent times, as opposed to the distant past.

Necessity: Something that is required for living or performing a job.

Newspaper: A printed publication containing news, feature articles, advertisements, and correspondence; usually printed daily or weekly.

Operators: Those who runs a telephone switchboard, especially for a phone company.

Parcel: A package containing goods that is sent through the mail.

Phone book: A book that contains the phone numbers of homes and businesses in a set area, like a city.

Photography: The art of composing pictures through the use of cameras.

Ready-to-wear: Clothing that requires no tailoring to wear after its purchase.

Record: A wax or vinyl tube or disc that holds recorded music and can be played on a phonograph or record player.

Suffrage: The right to vote in political elections.

Switchboard: An installation for the manual control of telephone connections.

Time capsule: A container storing a selection of objects chosen as being typical of the present time, buried for discovery in the future

Trolley: A passenger vehicle powered by electricity that runs on a set route over rail lines.