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About This Database

Moore's Seminole Roll and Land Guide was published by J. Read Moore in 1915. This publication shows the location of allotments given to members of the Seminole Nation. This database includes notations taken directly from the printed book which lists the names of allottees, their roll number, and if the allotment was the location of the homestead. Many individuals received allotments in more than one location. This database is a compliment to the Dawes Final Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes which lists individuals who were officially recognized as citizens of one of the Five Tribes.

The following abbreviations are used:

  • S - Seminole by blood
  • F - Freedman
  • NBS - New Born Seminole
  • NBF - New Born Freedman
  • H - Homestead
  • X - Deceased, before allotment
  • Y - Deceased, after allotment
  • M - Male
  • F - Female
An age table is located on page 30.