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Tomorrow's Legacy: Oklahoma's Statewide Preservation Plan

2015 Statewide Preservation Plan

The Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) invites you to comment on the second draft of Tomorrow's Legacy: Oklahoma's Statewide Preservation Plan 2015. The State Plan highlights Oklahoma's archeological and historic resources, discusses threats to them, provides a vision for the future of the statewide historic preservation program, and includes the goals and objectives for implementing this vision over the next five years. The second draft is available below for comment and reflects input from federal, tribal, state, and local governments; nonprofit organizations; preservation professionals; the business and development community; and individual citizens. You may also request a hard copy from the SHPO. All comments received by 5:00pm, Monday, August 4, 2014, will be considered as the SHPO develops the final draft of the document. Comments may be sent to Melvena Heisch at mheisch@okhistory.org. Emailed comments are preferred. If you wish to submit your comments via regular mail, mail them to State Historic Preservation Office, Attention: Melvena Heisch, Oklahoma Historical Society, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73105.

We greatly appreciate the time and thoughtful participation of everyone who has helped with our process so far. The response to our requests for input and comments was extraordinary, and we have made every effort to incorporate as many of the ideas presented as possible. We sincerely want the State Plan to accurately reflect the goals of Oklahoma's entire preservation community, and we look forward to hearing from you by August 4th. If you have any questions or wish to request a hard copy of the preliminary draft State Plan, contact Melvena Heisch, Deputy SHPO, State Historic Preservation Office at 405/522-4484 or mheisch@okhistory.org.

2010 Statewide Preservation Plan

Tomorrow's Legacy in PDF
Planning Process Document

What are Historic Contexts?

Tomorrow's Legacy: Oklahoma's Statewide Preservation Plan sets forth the vision for preservation efforts in Oklahoma, identifies categories of resources (archeological and historic), discusses threats to significant resources, outlines goals and objectives for preservation efforts, and provides other helpful information. The State Plan is based in part on historic contexts.

A historic context is a unit created for planning purposes that groups information about historic properties based on a theme, specific time period, and geographical area. Historic context material is found in National Register of Historic Places nominations, survey reports, and other sources. The State Historic Preservation Office produces detailed historic contexts as products of the comprehensive statewide planning program, and the historic contexts available in this format are found in this section of the SHPO's website.

The State Plan divides Oklahoma's resources into two categories, prehistoric and historic. By clicking on the following links, you will find maps that illustrate how Oklahoma is divided into management regions (the geographic element for the historic contexts). Oklahoma's unique settlement history determined the management region boundaries. Historic context development is an ongoing process, and formal historic context documents for each theme are not available for all management regions under the historic component of the State Plan. Researchers should also consult Historical Archaeology in Oklahoma (see "Historic Contexts" below).

Prehistoric Contexts

Historic Contexts