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Press Release

April 11, 2014

Contact: Robbin Davis
Pioneer Woman Museum
Oklahoma Historical Society
Office: 580-765-6108

Expeditions in Etiquette at the Pioneer Woman Museum

Learning how to use good manners in the public and with our families takes time and practice. On Saturday, April 26, Ponca City native Carey Sue Vega of Expeditions in Etiquette will introduce sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls and boys to basic manners such as how to introduce oneself to others, how to offer a hand for a handshake, basic table manners and museum manners. This fun, one-of-a-kind class will be at the Pioneer Woman Museum in Ponca City from 1– 3 p.m. on April 26. For two hours, class participants will be introduced to a variety of "soft skills" and practice with each other in a safe and friendly environment. The two hour class is $25 per student and the class size is limited, so early sign-up is encouraged. A limited number of parent chaperones are needed for the class. Contact the Pioneer Woman Museum at 580-765-6108 or piown@okhistory.org to enroll today!

Carey Sue Vega teaches manners and etiquette, professional, social and soft skills with a fresh, fun, exciting, entertaining and modern approach. She created Expeditions in Etiquette as a way to help students cultivate the social skills they need to prepare for the storms that life throws their way. By learning these skills in a safe harbor, she helps parents to equip their children for smooth sailing in the professional and social seas of life. During the class, Vega will introduce all of the important basics of etiquette, from respect to personal presentation. More information about Carey Sue Vega and Expeditions in Etiquette can be found at http://www.expeditionsinetiquette.com/.

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