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Press Release

May 4, 2022

Fort Gibson Historic Site, Oklahoma Historical Society
Office: 918-478-4088

“Beans to Bullets: Frontier Foodways” Living History Program Scheduled at Fort Gibson Historic Site

FORT GIBSON — On May 20 and 21 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Fort Gibson Historic Site will host a living history program called “Beans to Bullets: Frontier Foodways.”

Soldiers, settlers and pioneers of Oklahoma had to gather, hunt, grow and prepare food to sustain their lives on the frontier. Visitors will see Fort Gibson’s hunting equipment and hear about various methods of food preparation, including how to make items that were easy to preserve such as salted meats and hardtack. Guests will also have the opportunity to go inside the Fort Gibson bake house to see how soldiers prepared loaves of bread, which were a staple of their diet. Vegetable gardens also were planted in the warmer months to grow fresh ingredients to stave off scurvy and sustain the fort’s inhabitants through the harsh winter.

This program is free with paid admission, which can be purchased at the commissary located at 907 N. Garrison Ave. or at the office located within the palisade grounds. Please call 918-478-4088 for more information. Fort Gibson Historic Site is a National Historic Landmark.

Fort Gibson Historic Site is a division of the Oklahoma Historical Society. The mission of the Oklahoma Historical Society is to collect, preserve and share the history and culture of the state of Oklahoma and its people. Founded in 1893 by members of the Territorial Press Association, the OHS maintains museums, historic sites and affiliates across the state. Through its research archives, exhibits, educational programs and publications the OHS chronicles the rich history of Oklahoma. For more information about the OHS, please visit www.okhistory.org.


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