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Press Release

April 1, 2024

Contact: Nicole Harvey
Director of Strategic Initiatives, Oklahoma Historical Society
Office: 405-522-5202

Seminole Nation Museum Awarded Oklahoma Heritage Preservation Grant

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) is proud to announce that the Seminole Nation Museum has been awarded a grant through the Oklahoma Heritage Preservation Grant Program.

“I am grateful to see the Seminole Nation Museum receiving this crucial grant,” said Sen. Grant Green, Wellston. “This project to create a new gallery and education space exemplifies our commitment to safeguarding our district’s rich heritage and diverse cultures for future generations.”

“I am thrilled that the Seminole Nation Museum is a recipient of the Oklahoma Heritage Preservation Grant,” said Rep. Danny Williams, Seminole. “This project is a testament to our district’s commitment to preserving our rich history and cultural heritage for future generations to learn from and enjoy.”

Seminole Nation Museum received $20,000 for a project that will support the creation of a Permanent Collections Gallery and education space within the Seminole Nation Museum. This includes environmental controls, technology upgrades, and construction modifications to facilitate artifact exhibition and educational programming.

“The Seminole Nation Museum is excited to partner with the Oklahoma Historical Society in developing a new Permanent Collections Gallery inside the museum, allowing us to showcase some of our ever-expanding collection of Indigenous artifacts and artworks,” said Richard Ellwanger, executive director. “It will also serve as an education space where learners of all ages can develop a more personal and unique connection to Seminole and Southeastern culture.”

The OHS will distribute over $520,000 in grant funds, with projects ranging from collections care and strategic planning to exhibit development and educational programming.

“Through the Oklahoma Heritage Preservation Grant Program, we’re not just funding projects; we’re investing in the preservation of Oklahoma’s rich and dynamic history,” said Nicole Harvey, director of strategic initiatives for the Oklahoma Historical Society. “These grants empower communities across the state to uphold their heritage for future generations, ensuring that the stories of Oklahoma continue to inspire and educate for years to come.”

The Oklahoma Heritage Preservation Grant Program is a grants-in-aid program offered by the Oklahoma Historical Society to encourage the collection, preservation, and sharing of Oklahoma history at the grassroots level in all parts of the state. Open to tribal and municipal governments and not-for-profit historical organizations located in Oklahoma and registered with the Oklahoma secretary of state, this grants program offers funding ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 for projects focused on collections, exhibits, and programming. Applications for this annual program open in the fall, and award announcements are made in January. For more information visit okhistory.org/grants.

The mission of the Oklahoma Historical Society is to collect, preserve and share the history and culture of the state of Oklahoma and its people. Founded in 1893 by members of the Territorial Press Association, the OHS maintains museums, historic sites and affiliates across the state. Through its research archives, exhibits, educational programs and publications the OHS chronicles the rich history of Oklahoma. For more information about the OHS, please visit okhistory.org.


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