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Press Release

April 3, 2018

Contact: Katie Bush
Research Center, Oklahoma Historical Society
Office: 405-522-5223

New Oklahoma Historical Society Research Guide Focuses on Researching Land in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Historical Society’s (OHS) latest publication, “A Guide to Researching Land in Oklahoma at the Oklahoma Historical Society” by Katie Bush, is now available to purchase in the Research Center at the Oklahoma History Center. The guide provides information for researching land records and explains Oklahoma history by settlement region through the homestead and allotment processes.

Researchers and genealogists often visit the OHS Research Center seeking information about their ancestors’ land. This guide helps readers to understand legal land descriptions and how they relate to present-day locations. Readers will learn about the homesteading process in Oklahoma Territory, and how to interpret legal land descriptions to find the amount of land a homesteader received and the location of the homestead. The guide also outlines the rules and regulations for homesteading in Oklahoma and how they differed for tribal allotment recipients.

Historic maps were recreated by Katie Bush for each settlement region. The maps provide a wealth of information including present-day county boundaries, township and range, original county boundaries in Oklahoma Territory, district and county lines in Indian Territory, and tribal reservation boundaries. Researchers also can use the maps of tribal nations to researching records in the Indian Archives Collection at the Oklahoma Historical Society.

“A Guide to Researching Land in Oklahoma at the Oklahoma Historical Society” is available to purchase in the Research Center in the Oklahoma History Center located at 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive in Oklahoma City.

The Research Center is a division of the Oklahoma Historical Society. The mission of the Oklahoma Historical Society is to collect, preserve and share the history and culture of the state of Oklahoma and its people. Founded in 1893 by members of the Territorial Press Association, the OHS maintains museums, historic sites and affiliates across the state. Through its research archives, exhibits, educational programs and publications the OHS chronicles the rich history of Oklahoma. For more information about the OHS, please visit www.okhistory.org.


Editor’s NoteMaps to accompany the story can be acquired by contacting Katie Bush at 405-522-5223.

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