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Press Release

August 28, 2018

Contact: Jennifer Frazee
Hunter’s Home, Oklahoma Historical Society
Office: 918-456-2751

Hunter’s Home Staff Member Named Cherokee National Treasure

PARK HILL, Okla. — Hunter’s Home staff is pleased to announce one of its own has been nominated as a Cherokee National Treasure. Lisa Rutherford is one of four Cherokee citizens to receive this honor for 2018.

Lisa earned the title for her skill in pottery, which she crafts in traditional Cherokee fashion, though she uses modern techniques on occasion. When Lisa fashions traditional pots, she digs up the clay that she then hand coils and pit fires. The result is the beautiful pottery that helps keep Cherokee culture alive. Lisa has been interested in 18th- and 19th- century Cherokee art and history most of her life. Her knowledge and dedication show not only in her pottery, but also in her beadwork, clothing, sculpture and the beautiful feather capes she creates by hand. Lisa’s work is displayed in galleries and museums across the country, and she participates in art markets throughout the year. Lisa will receive official recognition of this honor at the 66th annual Cherokee National Holiday Awards Banquet at the end of August.

The distinction of Cherokee National Treasure honors those who are reviving and preserving Cherokee cultural practices of traditional foods, bow making, beadwork, basketry, painting, pottery, wood and stone carving, gig making, turtle shell making and flint knapping. Categories also include Cherokee language preservation, blowgun making, flute making, textiles, graphic arts and music.

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