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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Buckaroo Becky Rickard

Submitted by Buckaroo Becky Rickard

My father, Robert Sr., was a home builder in OKC. My grandmother, Mildred Rickard, was a teacher in the OKCPS and later at OKCU. My mother, Helen Lewis Rickard, was from Perkins, OK. I am the middle child between two brothers, Robert Jr. and Timothy. I attended Putnam City H.S. and graduated from OKCU. Oklahoma history and the old west are my passion. The present and future are mere moments in time. The past is forever written as history. My history is that I loved my family, friends, Oklahoma and the old west. I hope my collection will continue my legacy of teaching these histories that meant so much to me. The spirit of Phoebe Anne Moses will cause you to research who she was. This museum can help you find the answer. BB - Oklahoman - 1952.

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