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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Lloyd D. Clark "Daddy"

Submitted by Phyllis A. Harman

Born in Row in 1915, he was the son of a Cherokee and an Irishman. The families owned farms in the Ozark foothills. The Dust Bowl robbed them of most of their farmland. The dust killed Daddy's sister when she was only 12. He said his mama would stuff rags under the doors and around the windows to keep out the grit. In CA, he worked in restaurants until the Army called him and taught him bookkeeping. He could add columns of figures in his head. After the war Phillips hired him as an acct. in the Computing Div. Typical of most Oklahomans, Daddy was a hard worker and knew how to repair most anything. He took apart a whole car and rebuilt it. He had compassion for others and would chastise me if I criticized someone just doing his job.

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