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Oklahoma's Route 66 Repositories

The National Parks Service Designated Repositories for Route 66 in Oklahoma

Route 66 in Oklahoma: An Historic Context Review

Oklahoma Historical Society's Route 66 Repository

The Research Center at the Oklahoma History Center includes the Route 66 Collection with many oral histories, photographs, and manuscript collections on the roadway as well as materials about the bus business, trucking industry, and road building. The archive also includes collections regarding the Turner Turnpike, one of the first roads to replace Route 66.

State Historic Preservation Office

The preservation of historic properties along Route 66 may be assisted by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa Library's Route 66 Repository

The Cyrus Avery Collection and the Michael Wallis Collection are examples of the many Route 66 resources available in the library's special collections.

Other Resources

The institutions shown above are not the only opportunity to research the old roadway. The following links are a few of the sources of information about Oklahoma's favorite highway.

Oklahoma Route 66 Association

Oklahoma Department of Transportation

National Parks Service

Historic Route 66

The Oklahoma Route 66 Association and Related Sites

The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training - Research Route 66

The National Route 66 Museum, Elk City, Oklahoma

The TEXACO Memorial at the Dobson Museum, Miami, Oklahoma

The Route 66 University

Route 66 Maps, Jim Ross