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NameAgeSexBlood Roll No.TribeCard No.
Pickens Benge 44M1/22564Cherokee by Blood Search card 940
Pearl Benge 11F1/42565Cherokee by Blood Search card 940
Houston Benge 9M1/42566Cherokee by Blood Search card 940
Euna Etta Benge 29F IW22721Cherokee by Blood Search card 940
    Note: Refused - marriage did not take place prior to Nov. 1, 1875
John Benge 31M1/23481Cherokee by Blood Search card 1276
Sallie Benge 9F1/43482Cherokee by Blood Search card 1276
Obediah Benge 62M1/23549Cherokee by Blood Search card 1297
Henry R. Benge 2M1/43550Cherokee by Blood Search card 1297
    Note: Deceased
Ridge Otto Benge 1M1/43551Cherokee by Blood Search card 1297
George Benge 20M1/222875Cherokee by Blood Search card 1297
Obediah Benge Jr.16M1/222876Cherokee by Blood Search card 1297
David W. Benge 32M1/23744Cherokee by Blood Search card 1369
Lizzie J. Benge 9F1/43745Cherokee by Blood Search card 1369
James M. Benge 7M1/43746Cherokee by Blood Search card 1369
Dooley Benge 3M1/43747Cherokee by Blood Search card 1369
Thomas Benge 34M3/83801Cherokee by Blood Search card 1394
Rhoda Benge 20F3/83808Cherokee by Blood Search card 1399
Mary Benge 8F1/83809Cherokee by Blood Search card 1399
Columbus Benge 7M1/83810Cherokee by Blood Search card 1399
Louella Benge 5F1/83811Cherokee by Blood Search card 1399
Richard Benge 3M3/163812Cherokee by Blood Search card 1399
Sarah Benge 1F3/163813Cherokee by Blood Search card 1399
Nelson Benge 30MFull28082Cherokee by Blood Search card 1407
Emma Benge 15FFull28083Cherokee by Blood Search card 1407
Hooley Benge 28M3/43837Cherokee by Blood Search card 1410
Emmet Benge 7M3/83839Cherokee by Blood Search card 1410
Samson Benge 1M3/83840Cherokee by Blood Search card 1410
Tug Lee Benge 4M1/23842Cherokee by Blood Search card 1411
Henry Benge 29M1/24131Cherokee by Blood Search card 1536
Mack Benge 1M1/44132Cherokee by Blood Search card 1536
Dressie Benge 24F IW22963Cherokee by Blood Search card 1536
    Note: Denied - marriage did not take place prior to Nov. 1, 1875
Samuel H. Benge 70M1/24499Cherokee by Blood Search card 1688
Nancy Benge 57F1/24500Cherokee by Blood Search card 1688
Jennie Benge 19F1/24501Cherokee by Blood Search card 1688
Riddle Benge 62M1/227336Cherokee by Blood Search card 1738
Takey Benge 58F1/227337Cherokee by Blood Search card 1738
Jack Benge 21M1/227338Cherokee by Blood Search card 1738
Pickens Benge 17M1/227339Cherokee by Blood Search card 1738
Samuel H. Benge Jr.29M1/84698Cherokee by Blood Search card 1764
Sallie Benge 27F1/84699Cherokee by Blood Search card 1764
Carrie Benge 6F1/84700Cherokee by Blood Search card 1764
Samuel Benge 4M1/84701Cherokee by Blood Search card 1764
Jack R. Benge 1M1/84702Cherokee by Blood Search card 1764
Martin V. Benge 47M1/24785Cherokee by Blood Search card 1812
Adna S. Benge 31F1/44786Cherokee by Blood Search card 1812
Amy Benge 20F1/24788Cherokee by Blood Search card 1812
Martin V. Benge Jr.16M1/24789Cherokee by Blood Search card 1812
John Benge 13M1/24790Cherokee by Blood Search card 1812
Emma Benge 11F1/24791Cherokee by Blood Search card 1812
Ruth Benge 7F3/84792Cherokee by Blood Search card 1812

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Order Copies

The Research Center offers Dawes enrollment packets or allotment packets for a flat fee of $35 each. Be certain to include the information listed in the index, including the individual's name, census card number, roll number, and tribe. To order by mail use the printable order form or call 405-522-5225 and please have your credit card ready.

Information Included on the Dawes Roll

Census Cards

Census cards list the enrollee's name, age, sex, blood quantum, tribe, place of residence, and roll number. In general, the age shown on the census card is the age of the individual around 1902. Members of the same household are typically listed on the same card. Those listed as "newborns" and "minors" were born after enrollment began in 1898 but before March of 1907, and are listed on a separate card. Census cards may also reference earlier rolls.

Blood Quantum, Freedmen, Intermarriage, and Adopted Citizens

Tribal association will be listed as "by Blood," "Intermarriage," or "Freedmen." Freedmen indicate the former slaves of the Five Tribes and their descendants. Intermarriage indicates the person was married to a citizen of the tribe. You may also see "IW" for intermarried white, or "A" for adopted.

Enrollment and Allotment Packets

Enrollment packets provide details about the individual and their family, including marriage, birth, and death information. They may include transcripts of interviews with family members or neighbors, and correspondence regarding the enrollment.

Allotment packets contain information about the individual's land allotment, plat maps, correspondence, and other documents. Enrollment and allotment packets vary in length from a single page to more than 100 pages. Please note that while Creek application packets are not available, you may still order allotment packets.

About the Dawes Rolls

Officially known as The Final Rolls of the Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory, the Dawes Rolls list individuals who chose to enroll and were approved for membership in the Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole.) Enrollment for the Dawes Rolls began in 1898 and ended in 1906.

What information do I need?

To search the rolls you will need the name of an individual who was alive and living in Indian Territory during the enrollment period (1898–1906). If the individual was a married woman, you should look for her under her married name.

I cannot locate my ancestor in the index. What should I do now?

Look for your ancestor on the 1900 US census. If your ancestor did not live in Indian Territory, it is extremely unlikely they will be on the rolls. If they were living in Indian Territory, check the available lists for rejected Dawes applications. Consider the possibility your ancestor belonged to another tribe or did not apply for enrollment.

For further information about tribal citizenship, contact the tribe directly.